The Hopeful Herbalist

The Hopeful Herbalist

After 20 years living in the city; the Hopeful Herbalist moved with her husband to the place they had always dreamed about, a cottage in the country with the sea before them, trees behind and 1/2 an acre seemed just right. Although taking over a derelict garden has at times seemed daunting (not to mention the cottage in need a makeover on a grand scale – the architect’s story) it is a work in progress.

I grew up in the country and have always loved plants but ended up in the city training as a general and paediatric nurse, lived for a time in East Africa, where our daughters were born, returning to the city while our 3 children grew up. I retrained as a herbalist at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and since graduating have spent my time learning and honing my craft.

Now is a time of re-discovering the wonder of ย the natural world, remembering all that I had forgotten and seeing things I have never noticed before. Just as my city herbs have put down roots and are flourishing I’m hoping we can do the same. This blog is just about sharing our journey with you. Thank you for visiting please come again soon. As I’m new to blogging – this is a work in progress too!

The garden and surroundings inspire me, as do the treasures I find while I work, which is then expressed in photography, prose and poetry.ย All words and photographs are my own unless attributed to someone else. Please respect my work and seek my permission before using images and words from my pages. BUT please do leave feedback in likes and comments and reblog if you really like with a link back to my blog. Thank you.

January 2015 – after two years the garden is gradually taking shape, a small orchard and wild-life hedges have been planted. The grassy areas are gradually decreasing as small gardens are cut out. I thought I would be much further on but realise we over estimate what can be achieved in two years but under-estimate what can be done in ten. So, here’s to the next ten years!

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