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Bounded by boundaries that hem us in;

freedom flows beyond the fence.


The new fence went in last September, to deter the deer which it does; begging the question – “do fences keep things out or hem one in?” The sound of white water and gentle drip of rain from the shadowed woods drew me in. Green, cool, damp, smell of leaf and water, musty and wholesome…

Jump the fence today and discover something different – thanks for stopping by.


Between moon rise and sun’s set

golden light poured forth,

gilded land and sea


Winter berries

Of a White Christmas!  Living in a temperate zone, warmed by the Gulf Stream we rarely see a white Christmas. We were reminded of this at a Carol Concert on Friday, very fine musicians in the form of Yvonne & David Lyon, Allan McKinlay and Steph MacLeod, wonderful new and old songs, check out their web pages.

We envy those who can crunch through dry snow, wrap up in layers, cross-country ski… Ah, I’m sure you are all about to disabuse me of my quiet imaginings. Twenty two below in AB; I would probably have to hibernate!

Meanwhile enjoy the view from Örebro (from my daughter) and from Seedbud’s lovely blog

hannah swedish winter