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Wind Surfing - Lake Garda

The pessimist complains about the wind;

The optimist expects it to change;

The realist adjusts his sails.

William Arthur Ward


Kite Surfing  - Lake Garda

When the wind blows up around Torbole, Lake Garda, those in the know trim their sails and exploit the wind!

Looks idyllic - but you can't see the wind!

Who opened the portal to June

and let this fearsome wind blow in?

Premature fall

Twisting and whipping the tremulous pines;

bending the boughs, tearing the leaflets

before they can feel the warmth of a morning…

petals in the wind

Tugging pale blossoms, tossed like confetti

washed by the rain, floating in rivulets…

Hanging on regardless

Hold fast my sisters, the summer is coming,

the May in flower, the roses a-budding.

We will not give in to the wind or the weather;

Step forward, my daughters, prepare for the summer!


Seems summer is coming, just not yet. The soil temperature has fallen to 40º Fahrenheit (on my antique soil thermometer) and that’s just over 4º Celsius! The trees are in full leaf and being buffeted by the strong winds – it’s June – and it’s cold. Seems like I’ll never put the winter woollies away; the girls are sheltering in the shed along with the robins and blackbirds, just as the nestling start to fledge. Here comes the rain again…

March is a month of considerable frustration – it is so near spring and yet across a great deal of the country the weather is still so violent and changeable that outdoor activity in our yards seems light years away.

  Thalassa Cruso

1909 -1997

Stormy Weather

Growling, howling, prowling,

tugging, tearing, ripping.

Whipping, waves; wild sea horses.

Bending the beeches,

twisting the pines.

No more sleeping ;

too much roaring

water, wind and hail.

Sudden stillness, perfect silence,

starlight, moonlight

eerie quiet.

Snuggle down deeper, wrap tightly the downie,

gale has finally blown itself out!


Was hoping for respite after two nights of storms but the icy wind suddenly rises from the sea, driving the pregnant clouds inland, spilling the cargo of hail. And then – abrupt silence, stillness, respite from the wind and rain until all at once – it starts all over again! Weather warnings for wind and ice!



The carefree wind whispers “Let go”;

Timid leaf, shivers “No

“Look” hissed the wind “your friends have gone.

 – Quaking leaf “and I’m still home

“Jump!” tugs the wind; “Just let go!”

leaf trembling, “I don’t think so!”

“Stay here then, live with your fear!”

Leaf sighs “It’s all right here…”


“Not only are you afraid when facing the unknown, so is everyone else!”

Susan Jeffers

Roaring fire

Bedtime and suddenly aware that the wind has risen, the fire suddenly bursts into life and closing the dampers doesn’t make much difference. Hail tap dances over the tiles, wind roars around the house tugging at anything that might possibly be flung into the air. But this is a small storm, the main event is happening much further south.

Stormy Weather

Dawn breaks and the sea is still churning, a Sea King helicopter flies low over the sea, amazed as it hovers over a small area, in spite of the wind, before slowly turning and heading back up the coast. I missed the big wave that swamped the large tree. Arran covered in snow and with the wind chill it is bitterly cold. The ground is saturated once more, but the garden appears unscathed. Will have to find inside jobs today…..

Darkness fell early this evening, most of the West Coast has been under a severe weather warning, with high winds and spring tides all day. The winds are whistling around the cottage, thundering through the beech trees. From our windows we watch the heaving sea, the waves crashing onto the shore. The intrepid (that would be my other half) go down to capture the monumental tides on camera.

Stormy Weather

In summer the harbour is busy with small craft, today only the  fishing boats remain. Waves breach the harbour wall, spilling out over the pavements and picnic benches. The light house almost disappeared in the spray; men wrestling with wayward pontoons, wouldn’t want to be so close to the sea today….

Summer Harbour

Storm Surge in Dunure

No Haven...

Living on the coast we get used to the wind howling around the house, salt spray on the windows but this wind seemed intent on mischief. (Although the forecast had predicted snow and winds I had gone shopping in the city and got stranded,  poor hubby was left to face the storm alone.)

Several days later and I have just washed the mud from the windows, gathered up the contents of the recycling bin and checked all the new trees. The one tree we kept, snapped off at ground level, and fell neatly between the new plantings. Excuse for hubby to spend an hour with chainsaw and more wood seasoning for the stove…


Woken in the night to the sound of tap-dancing tiles as the wind ripped over the roof. Trees stripped bare, the grass blanketed in golden brown. Snow and ice turned to rain, rain to wind, sea to a tempestuous tumult. Just another day of Scotland’s  weather. From our vantage point, the waves crashed over the rocks making landfall in wild white waves. The sea heaved, the fishing boats safe in the haven, while waves assaulted the harbour wall throwing spume high into the air. Definitely needed a closer look but ten minutes was enough to turn hands blue and relieve fingers of all feeling! Enjoy…

Petals in the wind..