Fly Away Home...

Life is a journey, often we are so concentrated on the destination that we fail to notice what is happening around us. It was only because the geese  “talk” to each other that I noticed them flying overhead. Other people on the shore, were watching a small plane instead.

Geese fly in formation because it’s an efficient way to fly, the strong lead while weaker or younger birds follow in the slip stream. When the leaders tire, others fly up to take their place so they can rest at the back. If a bird is injured or ill, two other birds follow it down and stay until it recovers (or dies) then they fly off in a chevron formation again. All the time they encourage one another with quiet honks.

So that’s my wish for you in 2014. That you won’t have to travel alone, someone will be there to encourage you on your journey, someone will offer you comfort and protection and that together you can share the load. In Celtic tradition the Wild Goose is the sign of the Holy Spirit; when I see wild geese flying I feel encouraged. When 2014 opens like a blank journal, may you fill its pages with good memories regardless of life’s circumstances and know you are blessed.

Thank you to all for visiting my blog, leaving comments, likes and trophies. I still feel a “newbie” and trying to work out how to do things maybe in 2014….

Happy 2014!