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Dear December

Dark, dull and drear,

Abbreviated day and longest night,

Biding this Advent in quiet contemplation,

Searching for Your Light. 




Rosa Gallica "Versicolor"

We wait at the side of your bed

Taking turns to hold your hand;

Watching the rise and fall of your chest

With rising anxiety until you inhale

And we exhale in long, slow breath.

And the sea of faces in the room changes

Like the ebb and flow of tide,

Laughter, tears, confessions, fear, 

Kisses, hugs, exchanging worried glances; 

but at the side of your bed, we wait …


My Canadian sister usually checks my Blog on Monday finding nothing there she found a blunt email instead stating mum was ill. Since then we have gathered as a family to sit with Mum. The care staff have been exemplary, you couldn’t wish for better care. Watching as they have each come in to hug and kiss her and take their leave – in tears.

So please forgive me if I do not blog over the next few days as we sit with our indomitable mum