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I love gardens! I love botanical gardens and Orto Botanico in Padova was no exception. Climbing onto the much quieter bus, we headed away from foggy Venice to arrive in bright sunshine. Mis-reading the map we found ourselves at yet another church bursting into spontaneous organ voluntary as we arrived! Another lovely space to claim a few minutes sanctuary.

Heading back out I accosted a business man in my worst Italian, thankfully he spoke English and pointed us in the right direction. Pausing en route in Prato Della Valle (a huge oval public space) to eat ice cream, we finally found our way to the garden. A UNESCO world heritage sight, it is the oldest university botanical garden in the world. I think their students must be the luckiest in the world! It was beautiful! I love to see herbs that I have never met in living form before, like Ephedra and Dioscorea, even Lycopus. Beautiful, tranquil space, absolutely a “must see“.

Feeling humbled as I walk around my now green garden, the onions have grown and the first potato leaves peeping through the soil. The beech trees are re-clothed in new greens, blossom cossets the apple and cherry trees. I’m thankful for this lovely, growing garden.

In Venice, little jewels of gardens peered out into the gloomy alleyways, tiny treasures in rivers of stone. Window boxes, making the most of the sun, entreated the sight-seers to look up. Community gardens tucked under trees, manicured gardens in hotel or museum courtyards. (Think I was so enamoured with the sight I forgot to photograph them!)

A herbalist abroad? Mr HH just celebrated a “Round Birthday” with a trip to Venice. There’s something nice about walking through an airport to find your name on a placard and be whisked off to your hotel.

Venice is lovely! With a Venice card you can take the bus and the Vaporetti (river bus) or walk everywhere – and we did. Took me a couple of days to work out, Venetians don’t really have gardens so remember to look up at the window boxes. There are beautiful little green spaces tucked away (but that’s another post.) Not very good at taking pictures of buildings but hope these give a flavour of this water-filled city…

Everywhere you look are historical buildings, more art than you can shake a stick at, and beautiful churches. Buy the Chorus pass and use the Venice card. Remember to eat at the cafe bars – SO much cheaper!



Grand Canal Venice


 God would have given us wings!


I was sleeping….


Sleeping. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Yesterday was a long day, driving to England and back in a day!  Even Gretna lost some of its shopping charm – we just wanted to arrive at the airport and return home before it became tomorrow.  Amazed at how warm, green and full of blossom the roadside verges were. Had plenty of time to look!

But for the cat it was a very, very long day!  Tucked up in his cat carrier, handed over to Scandipet, put on a plane and arriving at PetsonJets and then the car journey home. (Oh, we did pick up a daughter too). Twenty miles out and I thought he had had enough… Arriving back (before Midnight) cat exits huge cat carrier and strolls around the house like he knows it. Wildly overstimulated; it was this afternoon before he finally gave in to sleep. Yea, if cats could fly – look out birds!