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Clouds over Arran

For the past few weeks the weather has been set fair, bright skies, dewy mornings, easterly winds and warm sunshine. Determined not to let the weather overtake me as it did last year, the great garden tidy began and continued to the absolute neglect of everything else – including blogging. Forgive me!

Never one for having a perfectly tidy patch but this year the front garden has become so overgrown there has been no other option but to dig out, divide and prune.

Garden 2013

As the Cottage was being transformed into a 21st century home (parts of the house date from the 19th C) so the work in the garden began. There were clumps of unknown perennials, the Snow-berry bush had strayed across the whole garden and perennial weeds flourished everywhere. Stumps of unknown shrubs littered the garden – gradually huge clumps of nameless plants were removed and small pieces kept  out of curiosity.

Garden 2013

Taking my good friend’s advice; I stopped trying to remove the stumps and planted around them. Summer revealed Day lilies, hostas, Red hot poker, berberis and a holly tree. The herbs were planted where ever room became available, not so much a plan just evolving organised chaos!

Some of us are just slow learners. A clump forming perennial is just what it says – left to its own device you get – well, clumps. Huge clumps! So here we are, digging out, dividing and sending the rest to the composter…

Four years on and the stumps that refused to be removed yield to my efforts and come out with reasonable ease, much to my astonishment. Barrows of garden waste and the composters are overflowing. I guess I’ll be able to use it in about two years! My two companions (Flossie the hen and Oscar the cat) keep me company as I dig. Flossie inspects the freshly turned soil, encouraging me to hurry and turn more over. Os meows, his lead caught around a plant. He will happily sit for hours secreted in a shady patch, the birds know he is there and reprimand him loudly.

The three of us have thoroughly enjoyed our times in the warm, Autumn garden. Last tattered butterflies, birds returning to the feeders. New visitors, a woodpecker, wagtails, curlews overhead. Wrens, dunnocks, blackbirds, gold crests, finches, tree creeper and gregarious, blue, coal and great tits. The hedgehog hibernates in the grass opposite the kitchen window, more grass and leaves have been added to the nest. There are no more telltale signs of nocturnal visits although for a couple of weeks it was obvious that there were a few hedgehogs foraging in the garden.

 Golden Sunflower & beech leaves

Sunflowers have survived into bloom this year thanks to the fair weather. First frosts bring a shower of golden beech leaves across the lawn. I love the colour of Autumn! From my desk a small movement catches my eye, a pair of female pheasants cross the garden, the first this year. Always something new to marvel at…

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Gunmetal skies and silver sunshine

Sometimes a silver sunset falls illuminating the sea, casting a white light across the land. For two weeks the garden basked in warm sunshine, worms burrowing deep into the ground, frustrating the chickens, forcing the gardener to take out the hosepipe and water the seed beds…

Babbling brook refilled

Once more water splashes over the ancient rocks reviving the moss and pennywort. Before the rains returned, a quiet trickle made its way between the stones…

Reflecting life

Everywhere springs up green, reflections of sky, leaf and fern…

Leafy canopy

Every bough dressed in new leaf of vibrant green, papery brown leaf casings cast in drifts fill nooks and crannies…

Mossy bank in early morning sun

Carpets of moss return to verdurous greens…

Morning view

Yesterdays grey skies and sea transformed to divers blues…

A week is a long time in the garden

Cherry blossoms fall, sinking into pink petalled mounds, seedlings appear in the dark loamy soil, swallows swoop and dive, goldfinch sings from her high perch in the beech hedge. The sun shines – better get my work clothes on!

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When The Sun Returns

it is hallelujah time…
Are we this simple, then,
to sing all day — country songs,
old hymns, camp tunes?
We even believe
the swallows, keeping time.
Sarah Browning

Sunny Saturday in the Meadow

Summer makes a brief appearance, sunshine over the flowery lea. From sunrise to dusk, parent swallows swoop and dive, sweeping up midges by the beak-full. In the high nest, swallow babies screech a welcome awaiting their fill and then silence until the flutter of wings creates once more their noisy response.

 Covered in CloverWarm humid air perfumed with the sweet, honeyed scent of white clover, languid drone of bees tumbles lazily over the bright garden.

Breakfast patio

Coffee and pastries taken in the bright sunshine, scanning the morning paper, relishing the surprising warmth. Sounds of the burn trickling by; a variety of birdsong, disembodied voices of passing cyclists, the scolding swallows as they plunge through the open shed door.

Wild flower meadow

A simple wild-flower meadow, bringing joy but alas one is unable to traverse the garden without returning with sodden shoes. So before we need a scythe rather than the mower and the rain returns, hubby cuts the grass.

Midsummer sunset

Midsummer has passed and this is a far as the sun will travel, but still the sunsets enthral and amaze us.

DuskThe light fades slowly over the quiet sea, waves break quietly on the far shore. Sometimes we rush around, filling the hours with busy-ness but the past three Saturdays have been bright and sunny. Although so much demands attention, I choose to rest in the sunshine, finishing my book, feeling grateful…

But now its Monday and many tasks clamour for attention, so shaking off my reverie I will rise and face the day!

Thanks for stopping by have a great week!

( Would heartily recommend Medicine Walk – Richard Wagamese )

March is a month of considerable frustration – it is so near spring and yet across a great deal of the country the weather is still so violent and changeable that outdoor activity in our yards seems light years away.

  Thalassa Cruso

1909 -1997

December Moon

Stepping out onto the dark landing, a warm orange glow paints the walls. In the Western sky, golden light, skims the clouds, a beacon in the dark winter sky.

Sweet Morning Light

Sunrise, in pink and lavender hue; yielding to peculiar yellow-grey, stormy light… Could it be?

The best is yet to come...

Drops of rain, tap a delicate rhythm on the window pane. Rain, sun, a tinsel twist of rainbow to decorate the dawning skies…

First snow

Finally, cloud curtain lifts to reveal first dusting of snow over the distant mountains. It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas after all!

Thanks for stopping by, have a good day what ever the weather!

How’s that for enthusiasm? Got the wee orange bus into town and back after a coffee with a friend; hurricane Bertha has blown in so a distinctly autumnal feel to the garden. Wind rattling the slates and house much cooler – forgot to close all the trickle vents – oops! Hollyhocks still standing, no repeat of Sunday’s torrential rain and the sun is almost shining.

There is nothing like moving house for clearing out the clutter but after two years things are silting up again. Just as I was painting my room (almost two years ago) my mum became ill; so said room has had boxes sitting in it all this time. Finally, being unable to stand it any longer, have tidied the shed, moved the boxes, tidied my room (almost) and feel I can breath again. Now there is room for the swallows to fledge, the cat the have a cat’s eye view and no excuse for not finding things. Phew! Swallows have raised three broods (we think), there are certainly a lot of swallows diving around though one or two casualties during the very hot weather.

Had a very nice visit with my mum yesterday, thought she had gone to the church service but found a little group enjoying afternoon tea and then they started reminiscing. It was lovely to hear their stories especially as they are usually so self-contained; we felt very privileged to be a part of it. Failing memory robs people of so much but I really respect those who care so well for our elders. We, as their children, must be their advocates speaking up when necessary, not a comfortable place to be but if we don’t who will?

Kate Swaffer writes a wonderful blog from a very personal point of view, you can find it here:

Whatever you do today, enjoy the moment and the memories!

Wow, sunshine! Not just a brief interlude but two whole days and now a third. Whoopee! Everywhere I look there is something dressed in Springs new garments. Something I overlooked catches my eye. Dawn ribbons the sky in pinks and grey. Sun sets into golden haze; twilight lingers over the far mountains. Goatfell wears a jaunty beret of snow. The dawn chorus is loud and long – it must be Spring!


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