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Sunset after a grey day

Sinking sun sends a golden

ribbon across the muted sky,

 bids a wistful goodnight; 

Full Moon Rising

While wrapped in silver and starlight,

radiant moon rises beyond the trees,

to scatter brightness.


Dusk, that delightful time as day dwindles and night expands, all around is cloaked in mystery, shadowed and silent. A rustle of rodents, an owl’s hoot, shuffling cows in the nearby field. A dog bark and the whisper of the leaves – the rising wind and the gentle rain. Night fall…

Summer is quickly running its course; the garden changes every week, with Field Poppies, Hydrangeas and Helianthus bursting into bloom helped by a weekend of rain! After a very hot Friday we visited the nearby shore, stopping briefly to visit the little cemetery, final resting place to several Allied Air Force personnel. Surrounded by farmland and looking out to sea; the neat simple graves are the resting place for young men from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK. A poignant reminder of the sacrifice of young lives given in service for others.

The shore, parkland and pub were busy with visitors, a reminder that noise is the sound of life.

Psalm 62:5



Sun, sea & snow

Arran dressed in Winter

Sunny weekend, cold, dry and very beautiful!

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas…

Boxing Day is traditionally a quiet one in our home as we sleep off the Christmas feast. After the recent storms, the day was so beautiful and still that we had to go visit the sea again. There is an unusual camaraderie among fellow walkers as we exchange Christmas greetings. Dogs bounced along the strand, chasing balls, braving the cold sea. The low December sun created wonderful contrasts over the shore; the beach was unusually clear as debris had been swept high up the beach with high tides. Was glad I had taken the camera, as the wind and water had created beautiful patterns; enjoy the light on the sand….


If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you’ll know we moved from the city to live near the sea. We have spectacular views and it has been a wonderfully sunny summer. I try hard to be good, wear high factor sun cream, don’t work in the garden between 10 and 2, wear a wide brimmed hat. My sunglasses are just bog standard but I thought I was doing alright. Right? Wrong! 

Following a routine eye check I was referred to the hospital as I had a “speck” on my retina, very near the “business part” of the eye. After several weeks wait; was seen yesterday and surprised to be asked “have you looked at an eclipse?” An eclipse? In Scotland? Chances are it’s raining! Apart from occasional irritated eye, a bit blurry, a bit dry and needing new glasses I was no wiser…

So having read up this morning here are some little bits of wisdom to prevent you doing the same thing…

  • Hats only protect from overhead sun
  • Sunglasses with no UV protection can make matters worse as they dilate the pupils and don’t protect the eyes.
  • Glare from reflected sun on the sea is still at a really high percentage
  • Sunlight is most damaging before 10 in the morning and after 2 in the afternoon

Now wiser and chastened I intend to wear UV 400 sunglasses, watch out for the glare when I ponder the view and always keep my back to the sun when I garden. I’m just very grateful not to have macular degeneration (too young) and that my eye is healing but will always be scarred.

Life’s Lesson learned today: you only get one pair of eyes look after them…