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First snow

Jack breezes in on the cold North wind

in a flurry of snow and ice;

Roaming the garden on starlit nights,

conjuring magic by pale moonlight;

With arms akimbo, casts his spell

and the ice-flowers grow where the magic fell;

Birling and swirling his wintry cloak

Stripping the leaves from beech and oak;

Summons the star-drops down from the sky

Each tiny leaf to beautify,

Winter sunset

Biding his time till the daylight wanes

Up he springs with a frost refrain –

Fantastic Mr Frost!


Frost is a bit of a novelty in this part of the world so enjoying its magic!

Happy Thanks Giving  to y’all!

may come your way…


Just when you thought it was safe to unwrap plants and harden-off the seedlings; the blossom begins to open and new leaves unfurl. When the winter woollies have been washed and put away for another season… Suddenly its winter again!

Cherry  in bloom - finally

The past few days of watching the cherry blossoms fattening, they have burst open into pink and white frilly tutus, but the wind blew up overnight tearing the blossoms from the bough…

New greens...

The grey beech trees are putting on their new spring clothes…


Thinking I would be planting out the over-wintered plants but instead they are wrapped up in fleece or still in the mini-greenhouses…

Apple blossom time; almost...

But its not all doom and gloom, the fruit trees are budding…


The garden is filling up with spring flowers, and everything putting on a growth spurt. But still no swallows or house martins; perhaps they saw the weather forecast and decided to summer on the continent, could be tempted to join them!

Whatever the weather, enjoy the season and thanks for stopping by!


Though April showers may come your way,

They bring the flowers that bloom in May.

So if it’s raining, have no regrets,

Because it isn’t raining rain you know,

it’s raining violets.

April Showers  (1921)

Music by Louis Silvers & Lyrics by Buddy De Sylva

Though April Showers sung by Ole Blue Eyes himself…

March is a month of considerable frustration – it is so near spring and yet across a great deal of the country the weather is still so violent and changeable that outdoor activity in our yards seems light years away.

  Thalassa Cruso

1909 -1997

Storm forecast

Just when it appears that spring will sally forth; winter gathers up her cloak and throws it upon the land. With the birth of a new moon, high winds and spring tides were forecast once again. Sure enough as bedtime came around the wind jumped up, clattering the slates, roaring through the trees. The rain poured down, battering the windows with a mixture of sleet and hail. A sudden pang of guilt swept over me as I thought of the plants I had uncovered earlier in the day. Thinking it was time for the “Big Spring Clean-Up“; enthusiastically raking out moss, lifting the leaves and cutting back. Overnight the temperatures fell, a dark dawn, glowering sky and boiling sea, Arran lost in clouds and spray. Sleet, hail, rain, sun and bitter, biting wind… For three days!

Dawn coloursIn the silent pre-dawn hour, the cloudless sky, sprinkled with twinkling stars, fading as sunlight edges over the eastern hills. Robin’s song pierces the dawn, as suddenly each birds finds its voice, singing out a morning anthem!

Morning colours

Gently the small breeze stirs the trees, the sky resplendent in violet and pink. As the clouds lift, Arran stands dressed in new snow fall; each gulley and fissure in stark contrast to the dazzling white.

Pink dawns the snow

Light and shade on the mountain, calm and quiet sea, the fishermen returning to their creels. The garden inhabitants celebrate the morning, shaking out their feathers, raising their collective voice in exultant song…

 Have a great day – whatever the weather! Thanks for stopping by! 





You can’t get too much winter in the winter

Robert Frost


Winters here are usually fairly benign. Midweek we were promised bitter winter snows; the snow came, the snow left, the bitter wind continued. Beneath the clouds, Arran blanketed in snow, sparkles in the early dawn before disappearing under the clouds.

Welcome snowdropsSnowdrops are spilling out over the garden as the daffodils push through the cold, hard earth. The girls have been busy, scratching in the leaf-litter under the trees and and tidying the “orchard”, cleaning up over-wintering bugs. With the lengthening days they are still busy until dusk. Recent gales and snow have disturbed their laying but four, warm brown eggs were gifted this morning.

NuthatchThe inclement weather has brought new visitors to the garden; usually I hear a new song before finding the owner. As Oscar and I watched the hungry birds; blackbirds eating an apple, a variety of tits and finches dropping feed for the dunnocks; there was something new. Black eye stripe, blue back, huge beak, hanging upside down on the feeder – a nuthatch! Suddenly I see him everywhere, under the beech trees foraging for beech nuts, flitting from the feeder to the cabbage palm and back again. I have never seen a nuthatch before today…

ReflectionBetween the showers and snow, wrapped up warmly, escorted by the chickens, we inspect the plants. Chooks looking hopefully as I empty my pockets; looking wisely as I check the fruit trees. Do you think they will remember how good the raspberries and strawberries tasted, or how to harvest the peas? You bet! There is nothing bird-brained about these ladies!

Whatever the weather – enjoy your day

Welcome winter sunsetNot  even dark yet and the temperature has dropped several degrees since this morning. The girls have been busy scratching around the garden. Looks like being a cold one – I’ve given them a bit more bedding to help them stay warm…

Sunlit Snows

Arran looks picturesque but my fingers turned white in the few minutes spent adding more insulation to the cold frame to protect my lavender babies…

Curious Maude

Wish I had a woolly coat too. I know, some of you have months of several feet of snow… But snow is a novelty here, we like to look at it, take photos of it – but don’t ask us to work in it!


After days of cold grey skies, torrential rains and storm force wind; the sun shines – hooray! Only drawback – it shines between the snow fall. As soon as their pen is opened the chickens normally make a bee-line to the back door but not today! Huddling beside the coop, they refused to budge even with a tasty crust to entice them. Oscar too, sits bemused at the kitchen door watching his world turn white. It is bitterly cold with the wind chill, the broad beans, planted in November, have curled up and died (should have used a cloche!) The field beans are doing well, though the Rye grass is rather woe-begone as chickens and pheasants graze the tender greens. First buds fattening on the twigs, Winter Honeysuckle (Lonerica fragrantissima) is about to break bud. Nestled in the Beech leaves, the snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) begin to flower as the daffodils push up through the cold earth.

I long to be in the garden but the ground is so cold and wet.Today’s job is to tidy the study, order seeds and set aside time for research and study. Another flurry of snow, another streak of sun, sometimes it’s nice to sit a the window in the warm!