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No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow 

 March, marched out!

Wild and unruly,

Throwing handfuls of hail

and fistfuls of rain.

April, empowered,

continued with showers,

snow, wind, rain…

Today, like a lamb,

serene and calm,

sunshine and snow capped hills.

Well, it still may be chill,

but look and be thrilled –

Spring could almost be here!


(Just a bit o’ doggerel for the day!)

Happy Birthday Smallest Daughter

Celebrate the moments whenever, whatever! Thanks for stopping by.

Between moon rise and sun’s set

golden light poured forth,

gilded land and sea


Summer has grown old and Autumn announces her return. Night arrives a little earlier, the sun sets a little lower and evenings are a little cooler. A sudden shower of gentle rain sprinkles the garden with sunlit droplets. The sky a symphony, moving swiftly from one movement to the next. Swallows are still busy scooping up insects for their growing brood. The garden feels restless; birds sing a new song, harvest waits to be gathered in, change seems inevitable …