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Wandering terrapin

Desolate rain-soaked strand,

‘twixt churning sea and windswept land;

a terrapin takes a Sunday stroll.


No, we don’t normally meet a terrapin as we brave the weather on the west coast of Scotland. What he was doing there and how long he had been there is a mystery, he was heading under a large boulder when I picked him up. Initially I thought it was a large green crab (no, never seen a live one of them either) and it was only as I got nearer that I realised this was not normal Scottish fauna! Poor, little thing was thin and almost moribund but got more energetic as he warmed up.

Knocking on the door of the nearest house to ask if they might have lost him, the nice lady says it is not theirs and wouldn’t know any one who might have lost one… But before we could start the car, the children all came running out as they had never seen a terrapin, mum asks if they can see the turtle. Gingerly handing over the errant being, warning that it can bite. The boys were amazed and yes, you guessed it – terrapin found a new home with five children and an uncertain mum to look after him. Instantly named “Croy Burn Visitor” and kids running off to find a box and no-doubt search the web for info. Hope they all survive!

Well, that’s the start to the new year – just wonder how weird it can get! 😀 

Summer is quickly running its course; the garden changes every week, with Field Poppies, Hydrangeas and Helianthus bursting into bloom helped by a weekend of rain! After a very hot Friday we visited the nearby shore, stopping briefly to visit the little cemetery, final resting place to several Allied Air Force personnel. Surrounded by farmland and looking out to sea; the neat simple graves are the resting place for young men from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK. A poignant reminder of the sacrifice of young lives given in service for others.

The shore, parkland and pub were busy with visitors, a reminder that noise is the sound of life.

Psalm 62:5


Back to bitter gusting winds, heavy showers and momentary sunny spells, nothing for it but to sit by the fire and be thankful for bright days…..

From the cottage we look out over the sea. On a clear day you can see all the way to Northern Ireland and yesterday was no exception. Warm wind drove the clouds away; sun filled the afternoon. The sparkling sea beckoned, we answered, enjoying the seagulls and the treasures of the tide. Amazed at the colours of seaweed, almost as spectacular as land loving flowers. Enjoy!

A busy week; Saturday dawned warm and sunny, a pleasant afternoon spent with friends on the shore. Each equipped with a camera, lost in their own world, exploring rock pools, enjoying the seabirds and open vistas. Oh, and did I mention the sun? That last wonderful, surprisingly warm September sun….

Waking to the sound of the wind whipping over the roof, the rain thumping, with fat drops, against the window and the shipping forecast. “Mull of Galloway to Mull of Kintyre including the Firth of Clyde and the North Channel…. 7 to severe gale 9”.  I chose the wrong week to trim the hedges!  The sunflowers lie smashed on the ground, leaves and branches strewn across road and garden. Seems like only yesterday we were living the rural idyll – oh, wait it was yesterday…..

Goat’s hairs may have been flying and the watery sunset might have been a clue to today’s weather but the wild sea, the huge swell and sea birds struggling against the wind says autumn has blown in with a vengeance!


Culzean Shore