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Feathers in the sky

As some have divining instincts 

For water, gold or diamond,

Can tell by a twitch or a scent,

So others, I among them,

Have a similar gift to tell

Of a season changing. It’s not

In the power of one sense only

Or the habit of memory.

If I could tell the causes

I’d lose the knack or gift...’

Instinct for Seasons

Elizabeth Jennings (1926- )

In Scotland, every day of sunshine is a gift; people flood outdoors, putting on a smile with their warm clothes and walking shoes. Gardeners rush outside in a frenzy of busy-ness, garden chairs swept clear of leaves and turned to face the sun. Overhead the trees are filled with chirping birds, charming their way to avian hearts. Every crevice and axil of the trees winter bark inspected for sheltering  insects; the first sleepy bugs luxuriating in the new found sun…

With warmth and light, flowers open, petals unfurl adding brightness to the muted garden, tired of wintered colour, longing for the return of blue skies and insect drone…

New foliage in stunning shades of green and bronze, petals in perfect pattern, intricate stamens and styles awaiting the pollinators return; Blackthorn and Flowering Blackcurrant unfold tightly held buds in vivid tones…

Under the welcome sun the sea itself is calm and still, reflecting the pale sky and white clouds; as twilight falls and the garden once more resounds with birdsong, filling the tranquil air with melody and counter melody. The weather may be fickle but golden days are rare like Scottish gold; days to be treasured and lived. Tomorrow will arrive with rain…





Ah September!

Slipping by like noiseless stream,

Reflections of a quiet summer;

grown old in faded green.

'Jonny Johnston' Apple

Ah September!

Every hedgerow filled with pleasure;

painted leaves of red and gold –

Boughs bent low with fruit-filled treasure;

autumn wonders, brushed with cold…


Blackberry time

 Ah September…


Not sure that September slipped by but rather disappeared liked the morning mist. Hours turning to days then week and months. Summer fades and autumn paints the landscape in vibrant hue. Hedgerows burdened with divers fruits; filling the house with the fragrance of autumn…

Celebrate the seasons as they fall!

For man, autumn is a time of harvest and gathering together. 

For Nature, it is a time of sowing and scattering abroad’

Edwin Way Teale

September; autumn steals into the garden. Petals fall and seed heads take their place. Fruit swells on branch and twig. Gradually the pinks and blue of summer change to warm reds and gold. Robin and chaffinch change their tune, fledging swallows flee the nest, practise flying in the relative safety of the shed. While from on high the first brood swoop and dive, cartwheeling across the sky.

A noticeable difference in the air, cooler mornings, shorter days. Sunsets in umber and golden greys. The remaining chickens climb the hill to bed a little earlier each evening. Blackbird bids goodnight in the thinning hawthorn hedge, taking shelter from the rising wind. Summer slips away, a new wind blows across the garden, come from cooler climes. The garden shivers, but is not defeated yet.


An abrupt end to summer:

Torn away on Bertha’s burly arms.

Autumn winds storm around the garden;

stripping leaf and flower


Autumn took us unaware, thinking we still had a few weeks to enjoy the summer but today a north wind blows, warm floors greet our morning feet, the underfloor heating has sprung into life. The sea is a stupendous blue crested with white waves. Still so much I wanted to do; ah well time and tide wait for no man!


winter greens

 Gather from the garden,

the green and the naked bough.

Fruits from the trees of Summer;

slumber in Winter now.

Winter Creation

Add cones and nuts from Autumn,

leaves of  evergreen,

 the bare budding beech gives heed

to the coming promise of  Spring

Christmas Door

Bind together with a golden bow,

hang on the old front door;

Welcome the Solstice, longest night,

Welcome Christmas, coming Light.


Gather together as family,

though the weather is windy and wild;

gather together, remember,

the gift of the Christmas Child.


 Fixed in time,

framing the seasons,

aperture records the present…

After the storm, the lawn dons a carpet of beech, rich shades of green and brown. Springs bright leaves, catching summers sun, sunlight to sugar, pure alchemy, now weathered and worn, make their final journey to earth. Launched on Autumn winds, falling, fluttering, finally free…

every leaf...

must leave

 short, sweet exhilaration found in flight….


Now rests earthbound, returning to the soil nurturing the nurtured….

Leaving and leave-taking are never easy, but “to everything there is a season” Eccl 3:1