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Shades Of Grey

Sometimes soft in silvered light…

Cloud therapy

Or washed with gold and purple hue…

July Sunset

Sunset comes and marks the hour ‘twixt day and night…

I must surely have enough sunsets to fill several albums but I cannot miss a sunset. Each night is a new performance; a concert of colours dancing on the sea and sky. An evening ritual, to watch the island descend in grey tones to the sea. The pinprick flash of the lighthouse beams across the water; a trawler making its way steadily along the coast, cry of seabirds. Whispering wind stirring the grass, a bedtime ritual as each creature returns to roost or nest…

But one small creature sleeps alone. For the last few weeks a downy crow nicknamed “Rookie” has hopped around the garden, keeping the chickens company, teasing the cat. Just hopping out of reach but never sitting long enough for a photo. Keeping to his morning ritual, joining the chickens for breakfast, hopping into the strawberry patch. Keeping one step ahead of the cat – but today we found him in the hedge, taking the cat in I meant to go back and check on him. By the time I’d remembered he had died. I guess he was a weak baby as his parents and sibling flew into the field but he stayed with us in the garden. I had hoped to tame him but alas. I’ll miss his cheeky presence.


Thanks for stopping by today and please forgive my lack of posts!


Sunset Still

Cloud shrouded sea, 

stroking the land with wisps of cool damp air.

Throws off her grey work wear;

clothing herself in richness 

prepares to meet the night. 


Driving home from town, willing the sunset to linger until I can capture it with my camera. All day the misty clouds have hugged the land until sunset when sea and sky put on their glad rags and bid goodnight!

Sleep well until the first fingers of light steal beneath the curtain bidding you “Good morning”.

Sunset Sea

 Set sail in

a sea of sunset;

angling for night


Escapees from the city always give an excuse to show off “Scenic Ayrshire“. After tea we drove South to the Electric Brae and managed to make the illusion work. Then to Croy Shore for a different view of the setting sun, descending in splendid colour over the Firth of Clyde. Returned home to watch the lingering light fade to darkness as the night called each star one by one…


Summer is quickly running its course; the garden changes every week, with Field Poppies, Hydrangeas and Helianthus bursting into bloom helped by a weekend of rain! After a very hot Friday we visited the nearby shore, stopping briefly to visit the little cemetery, final resting place to several Allied Air Force personnel. Surrounded by farmland and looking out to sea; the neat simple graves are the resting place for young men from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK. A poignant reminder of the sacrifice of young lives given in service for others.

The shore, parkland and pub were busy with visitors, a reminder that noise is the sound of life.

Psalm 62:5


Sitting watching the sun go down, hot chocolate in hand, watching the last tourists, cyclists, and motor bikers heading home. As the sun sunk lower in the sky, suddenly swallows shriek, a hawk has plucked one from the air. This is Nature beautiful and beastly, the moment passes and stillness returns…

July Sunset

July Sunset

silver sunset

Without warning,

cascades of silvered light

mercurial sea…


Piercing the shadows,

gathered light

spilled from Heav’ns treasury…


Sun, sea & snow

Arran dressed in Winter

Sunny weekend, cold, dry and very beautiful!

Roaring fire

Bedtime and suddenly aware that the wind has risen, the fire suddenly bursts into life and closing the dampers doesn’t make much difference. Hail tap dances over the tiles, wind roars around the house tugging at anything that might possibly be flung into the air. But this is a small storm, the main event is happening much further south.

Stormy Weather

Dawn breaks and the sea is still churning, a Sea King helicopter flies low over the sea, amazed as it hovers over a small area, in spite of the wind, before slowly turning and heading back up the coast. I missed the big wave that swamped the large tree. Arran covered in snow and with the wind chill it is bitterly cold. The ground is saturated once more, but the garden appears unscathed. Will have to find inside jobs today…..