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Looks idyllic - but you can't see the wind!

Who opened the portal to June

and let this fearsome wind blow in?

Premature fall

Twisting and whipping the tremulous pines;

bending the boughs, tearing the leaflets

before they can feel the warmth of a morning…

petals in the wind

Tugging pale blossoms, tossed like confetti

washed by the rain, floating in rivulets…

Hanging on regardless

Hold fast my sisters, the summer is coming,

the May in flower, the roses a-budding.

We will not give in to the wind or the weather;

Step forward, my daughters, prepare for the summer!


Seems summer is coming, just not yet. The soil temperature has fallen to 40º Fahrenheit (on my antique soil thermometer) and that’s just over 4º Celsius! The trees are in full leaf and being buffeted by the strong winds – it’s June – and it’s cold. Seems like I’ll never put the winter woollies away; the girls are sheltering in the shed along with the robins and blackbirds, just as the nestling start to fledge. Here comes the rain again…


Arran on a frosty morn

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains”

John Muir

One of the most beautiful books I have read was “The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twang Eng, invoking the art of Japanese gardening, the back drop to recovering a painful past.

As I stand in my half-acre garden, with its views over the Firth of Clyde, a back drop of beech trees and stand of pines, I feel they need included in the design. I love the idea of Shakkei-“borrowed landscape” – studying the landscape to take advantage of all favourable aspects.

Various gifts of plants  are still waiting to find their final setting; as I dig I find myself looking around for a suitable area, bearing in mind the fierce winds, frost hollows and the lie of the land sloping as it does to the north east…Sunset skyscape As the sun journeys north the dying rays reach deeper into the garden, filling the far corners. The sound of water; from a gentle chatter to wild roar, or of the wind whispering in the leaves to the howling gale. The texture and fragrance of the plantings; music of bird song. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task…

Evening rains at sea

The changing light and shade over the land; our belligerent Scottish weather, from thunderous rain to soft drizzle. Hot sunny days to frost all within twenty four hours! The glorious night sky when the moon pours a lullaby over the silvered garden opening to frosted morn…Visited by frost...

In the shadowed garden

scattered moonlight,

bestows a silvered tracery.