Balconies and roof gardens filled with flowers - Limone

Limone may sit nestled at the foot of the mountain, the houses carved into rock but wherever there is space, no matter how small;  there is a garden. Balconies festooned with vines and brightly flowering geraniums, roofs burgeoning under a forest a planters and pots. Geraniums overflow from pots perched on balconies, steps and window boxes, adding colour to the old traditional buildings. Even in the narrow alleyways the street gives way to a gathering of pots of palms and citrus accentuated by lilies or other bright flowered plants. The tiniest gardens are filled with fragrant herbs and fruit trees, pomegranates, grape vines and flowers. As we climbed the steps toward the Church of St Rocco a tiny garden supports fragrant culinary herbs. It was lovely to see Lemon verbena ( syn. Aloysia citriodora, Lippia citriodora) in flower. Mine is puny in contrast! Over the craggy rock wall a large Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) drapes itself. Once you accustom your eyes to look; there are plants and gardens everywhere – you just need to remember to look up…


Lemon Verbena Tea

A few freshly picked, Lemon verbena leaves added to a pot of boiled water, cover and infuse for 3 – 5 minutes, strain and serve, for a refreshing but relaxing drink. Or allow to cool and add ice  for a long cool drink.

The leaves can be picked any time or dried, they hold their fragrance for a long time and can be added to pot pourri or be used to deter moths. Enjoy 🙂

Lemon verbena