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Dear December

Dark, dull and drear,

Abbreviated day and longest night,

Biding this Advent in quiet contemplation,

Searching for Your Light. 




November Postcard

British Summer Time may have ended but November opened into bright sunshine; wreathed around with golden tones.

First frosts have intensified Autumn colours from vivid orange, red, yellow, purple, burnished bronze and copper hue. Late flowers illuminate the garden in glowing petals. Last sweet peas cling to the weathered trellis, faintly perfumed now, energy spent in final perfect petals, soft pink, white, deep purples and red…

Chocolate cosmos, nasturtiums in warm colour, palest petite poppies, final flourish before winters sleep…


Sunflowers, wind-worn; food for late Autumn visitors and Winter survivors. Beech and birch trees wear coats of deepening autumn shades, scattering the trembling leaves across the garden, reminiscent of a 70’s ‘Windsor’ carpet.

Shortened days, still rich in light over sea and land, causing the observer to pause and cherish each blessed moment.

Reflection pool

Autumn, time of reflection as day gives way to night, Autumn to Winter, warmth to cold. Times of transition, resetting, contemplation and rest.

November gifts

November gifts, a gathering in of late fruits and flowers. Warm nights gathered by the fire, soup and bread shared with friends. Candlelight and lamp light, starlight and moonlight. Mittens and scarves, warm boots and heavy coats. November; Winters gatekeeper, but for now, open up your eyes and heart to her harvest…


(Postcard; Lena Anderson, author and illustrator Sweden)