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July, opened into bright sunshine and heat, remarkable considering how reluctant summer has been to show itself. After some warm rain and sun the garden seems to be catching up. Poppies popping all over the garden!

Walking early in the quiet garden, I meet the little rabbit that seems to have taken up residence run off into the safety of the hedge. Oscar, catching his scent, sniffs around the grass as many different songs cascade from the overhead boughs. Swallows tease from the safety of the roof ridge. The bird feeder is still almost full, the birds appear to retreat to the woods only to return later in the year. Father sparrow sits on the gutter with a beak full of flies, another brood must have hatched. A tapping sound from the top of the garden alerts us to the presence of the song thrush smashing snail shells on a stone anvil. Just life in the garden in July!

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Soon is the night of our faring to regions unknown,

There not to flinch at the challenge suddenly thrown…

Lines Before Going

Alexander Robertson


Gone, gone again, 

May, June, July, 

And August gone,

Again gone by,

Not memorable

Save I saw them go,

As past the empty quays,

The rivers flow.

Gone, Gone Again

Edward Thomas


100 years…

1914 – 2014

Summer is quickly running its course; the garden changes every week, with Field Poppies, Hydrangeas and Helianthus bursting into bloom helped by a weekend of rain! After a very hot Friday we visited the nearby shore, stopping briefly to visit the little cemetery, final resting place to several Allied Air Force personnel. Surrounded by farmland and looking out to sea; the neat simple graves are the resting place for young men from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK. A poignant reminder of the sacrifice of young lives given in service for others.

The shore, parkland and pub were busy with visitors, a reminder that noise is the sound of life.

Psalm 62:5


The sun is up and it looks like it is going to be another beautiful day. On the West Coast we try not to complain – these days are rare!

During my evening wander many flowers looked fit to pop, early this morning I was amazed, an hour later even more so. We are never too old to wonder at the beauty of creation.

This little poppy made its home in the driest part of the garden but still

opened into a dainty dazzler.

Holding on...