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There are no words

only quiet contemplation.

Who cannot be awed at this pageant of colour,

this majesty?

Night unfurls her train of stars;

 Day gathering his mantle

journeys on…



The soft, early morning rain gave way to brilliant sunshine. Ditching the downie jacket for short sleeves yesterday; found myself reaching for it again. Cold wind rolled down from the hills, while the rooks crossly pursued each other through the trees. The Robins perched nearby waiting for small morsels to be revealed. Grey Wagtails have returned, blackbirds have become adept at reaching the fat balls in the feeders, while several species of finch decorate the cherry tree. The Yellowhammer makes a brief appearance.

Hours of sunshine but bitter wind, made me wonder if Blackthorn Winter was upon us. Taking a break from digging; sure enough the first delicate flowers on the dark stems are noted. Not enough to make a syrup with but maybe we’ll harvest our first Sloes in Autumn…

From the comfort of the sofa we watched the evening colours, sublime sunset, give way to nightfall. Soon the darkness is pierced by myriad of lights as the coastline is illuminated by twinkling lights, a fishing boat and the reassuring beam of the Lighthouse. The black velvet sky hosts countless constellations…