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Christmas candles

Together the Christmas candles

light the winter night…

Flickering lights

Each tiny, flickering flame

consuming darkness…

Solstice candle

While the Solstice candle reminds those far and near

of those we hold dear…

First sunset

Decembers storms are soon forgot

in January’s first, soft sunset…


‘Neath the leaf litter, pushing forth

Snowdrops mass waiting warmer days…

Croy shore

The New Year stretches her horizons

with new promises and hopes


Dear readers, I wish each and everyone of you very best wishes for 2017, may you discover new things to make you draw aside in quiet wonder. When the storms of life batter and threaten to overwhelm you, may you find shelter and peace. When the darkness seem impenetrable may the light of Life light your way. When the way ahead is hidden from view, may a true friend walk with you and keep you from falling. When you arrive at that quiet place of calm, whisper your thanks to heaven, reminded that when you felt utterly alone you were held, accompanied by a band of loving friends and companions.

December has been a time of waiting, for tests, for results, for answers. A time of realising that there are some things that I am not able to control. A time when I need to hand myself over to others and trust them. I’ll be away from my blog for a few weeks, while I recover from anticipated surgery. As I’ve never been seriously ill before this is a very new, unexpected journey for us all!

Thank you for all the new follows and for those of you drop by and leave comments and likes. I haven’t been very good at reading your blogs either just now as “Google” has been my best bud in explaining and researching. I will endeavor to check back in as often as I can but please forgive my absence for the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by today, wishing you a very blessed 2017



Adieu, Adieu, Adieu!

Grown Tired

 Goodbye December,  weeks of “weather”,

Sullen skies, winds and flood.

Farewell December, long grown tired,

Wintered fragments, scattered, past…

Christmas Bouquet

Christmas brightness, Solstice lightness,

Candled shadows, danced and fluttered,

Year grown old now, jaded, faded,

an old acquaintance now forgot…

Resilient roses, specks of brightness,

Shakes a fist at Winters wrath,

Daring still to fill the greyness,

‘Til the dark is gone at last…

Pushing Through

Once again the sun begins

Its solemn journey to the Spring,

Calling forth the sleeping garden,

Calling out unto the North.

Scattered Seeds

Out of autumn – winter sadness,

soon will come the hidden gladness,

light consume the fearful darkness,

with the turning of the year.

Ancient Lichen

Lichen lights the barren bough,

Until the leaflets spring up green,

A cloud of Goldfinch trill their song,

Chase the mournful Winter on.


Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy New Year, may you find wonders anew in 2016

Thank you all readers, new and old for stopping by, leaving comments and likes – it means a lot – Thank you!


and finding time!

Do List...

In my head is an over-arching plan, I know what I would like to achieve, lots of information on how to achieve it but will I ever make enough time? We are all encouraged to be life-long learners but I don’t imagine our forebears came out school and stopped learning either. Seems to me every day brings a new lesson to be learned. Buying a new computer while “homeless” is not to be recommended, I’m still trying to understand it. Give me a new piece of equipment and I’ll keep it at arms length until I summon up the courage to learn how to use it. Maybe its the Scottish parents advice to the aspiring musician “put that thing away till you can play it!”

I'm wishing

I keep promising myself that I will start to draw again, embroider again, learn how to keep bees, make soap from the herbs, plant the right flowers in the garden. Grow herbs that are at-risk in the wild, read more, expand my knowledge. In reality, unless we are walking around with “eyes wide shut” we are learning and using the knowledge for ourselves and others.

I wasn’t ready for the chickens but they arrived and have thrived in the garden. They don’t ask for much, produce beautiful eggs, are entertaining and possess very individual personalities. (They do prefer a warm breakfast on a cold morning though!) From the study window I can see them scratching under the trees, every now and then looking up to see if I’m coming to the door with treats…

I’m not sure the dark days of January are the best time to make resolutions but maybe I’ll never make them if I don’t commit now! So I will endeavour to “do one thing well” this year and maybe manage a few more too. Maybe you will check back and see how I’m doing!

Enjoy your day and the discoveries you make on your way!

I’ve reloaded the pics for “Life’s Lessons Learned in the Garden

Years endOnly a few hours left and then the ragged remnant of 2014 will fade into memory. A year in the garden, digging, planting, harvesting, digging and clearing again. It seems we over-estimate what can be achieved in two years but under-estimate what can be accomplished in ten! I’m looking forward to another year of planting and growing, propagating and sowing.

Final frostAt last we have had frost; the Nasturtium that have flourished for many months have finally surrendered to the weather! All around the garden are signs of new life, new buds appearing on the shrubs and bulbs peeping through the earth.

Rosy RisingPast few days have been spent with family and friends, sharing meals, swapping presents, sharing news, eating too much and sharing the view.

Winter sunsetSomewhere from the recesses of memory I vaguely remember my grandmother opening the front door to welcome in the New Year and shooing the old out the back! The garden has grown old and tired too but new plants will come from the gathered seed, the sun will begin to make its way North, the days will gradually lengthen and from the Old the New will Spring! There is  much blessing in small things we need only stop long enough to recognise them. May 2015 be filled with wonder and surprise!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Fly Away Home...

Life is a journey, often we are so concentrated on the destination that we fail to notice what is happening around us. It was only because the geese  “talk” to each other that I noticed them flying overhead. Other people on the shore, were watching a small plane instead.

Geese fly in formation because it’s an efficient way to fly, the strong lead while weaker or younger birds follow in the slip stream. When the leaders tire, others fly up to take their place so they can rest at the back. If a bird is injured or ill, two other birds follow it down and stay until it recovers (or dies) then they fly off in a chevron formation again. All the time they encourage one another with quiet honks.

So that’s my wish for you in 2014. That you won’t have to travel alone, someone will be there to encourage you on your journey, someone will offer you comfort and protection and that together you can share the load. In Celtic tradition the Wild Goose is the sign of the Holy Spirit; when I see wild geese flying I feel encouraged. When 2014 opens like a blank journal, may you fill its pages with good memories regardless of life’s circumstances and know you are blessed.

Thank you to all for visiting my blog, leaving comments, likes and trophies. I still feel a “newbie” and trying to work out how to do things maybe in 2014….

Happy 2014!