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It’s been a bank holiday so obviously it’s been raining, but today the sun shone again! In the space of three warm, wet, showery days the fattened buds have burst. New growth, new buds, new colours, long grass! But not quite dry enough to cut.

Years ago (at a flower show) I bought an Iris sibirica  which has refused to flower regardless of where it was planted, but today it has two big fat buds! The flag Iris are breaking but sadly not the one given by a neighbour, there are still one or two small pieces growing so hopefully one will be hers.

The ” bonfire” circle has been planted up almost entirely from plants propagated last year. The soil is full of nails, so I guess they will never be short of iron! During today’s dry spell, finished the next new bed (I’m fast running out of prepared garden space). I borrowed a Turf cutter; so much easier than a spade. The ground always yields some new treasure, today: tuppence – a 1914 and a 1944 penny. Some pretty pieces of china, a very nice patterned bit of glass, one horseshoe, and various bits of pig iron. Just to prove this was a Smithy in a past life.

The Google Doodle is celebrating Rachel Carson’s birthday, so feeling bad, destroying a wasp’s nest lifting the turves I left loose over the weekend. The warm winter means I have many more pests in the garden but at last the birds are feeding them to the new broods. The Hedgehog leaves his calling card and the Thrush is a bit bolder too, I love my gardening allies!


 “Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” 

Rachel Carson “A Sense of Wonder”


Living in a temperate part of the world I realise some of you are still in the depths of winter; so I hereby apologise profusely for saying, “yea! Spring is still Springing!

Here in Scotland winter passed us by; it has been mild and wet with 50% more rain than the average. But at last, for the past few days, we’ve had blue sky and sunshine so been out catching up as the garden has gone ahead without me! I don’t seem to learn that the afternoon shower of rain, that looks like it will keep going all afternoon, will wait till all the tools are away, stripped off all my gardening clothes, then the sun will burst forth with new found shining. If I dare venture back out; the cloud will immediately gather and start all over again and it will be considerably colder than when I left…

There is also not that much to show you. I could, in true “Blue Peter” style, show you the bed I dug over earlier. Yea, bare earth! I just have to face it; it’s a quiet time in the garden as everything prepares for spring….

But things are a-changing; there is always something new to see from week to week. The new hedging is bursting into life, the gooseberry has new leaf too – I just have to keep the pesky pheasants off them. The girls are skulking around under the trees awaiting my departure so they can raid the feeders…

 The Autumn flowers are finally surrendering as the spring flowers offer new buds.

If you are missing the winter snows, check out Seedbud’s wistful, winter photos and poetry:

* Blue Peter – a BBC children’s program renowned for the phrase “Now here’s one I prepared earlier

“There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter” Billy Connolly

Rain, rain, rain, sunshine! Hail, snow, rain, rain, frost! Sunshine, blue sky, sunset, wind, rain, rain, rain…  As an elderly pastor from the Islands was fond of saying; “If you can see the hills it’s going to rain if you can’t see the hills, its raining!”

Sunshine brightens the garden, the cock pheasant is strutting around as the females gingerly traverse the green, peering through the windows to check the human activity. Funny I can work in the garden for hours and as soon I as come inside there they are; five hens picking up the fallen bird seed. Do birds work in community, throwing down the seed to the ground feeding birds? Seems they all benefit in the long run.

Evidence of Spring erupting is all around, waiting for a new fence to deter the deer; don’t think they have visited yet. Bird scare-ers don’t scare the birds but will hopefully startle the deer and keep them off the fruit trees…