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Dawn creeps over the eastern hills
Oscar wakes early nudging my hand with his soft muzzle, nuzzling in to the crook of my arm, purring his deep, throaty purr. From the radio, the mysteries of the English language and words of Gerald Manley Hopkins infuse the air. Quietly we steal down stairs to greet the dawn…
Midnight revellers return to roost
Darkness fades; flushed in tones of mauve and turquoise and rose; as daybreak dawns, night retires in gathering light. Night’s revellers retreat to roost, concealed in sunless clefts and crevice, grey wisps and shadows that flit above the slate grey roof…
Early travellers leave pink con-trails
Beneath the rosy sky the dawn chorus spills from every tree, flowing over dew wet grass and flower; till every nook is filled with song. The garden recreated in colour and melody…

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.”

Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1327)

“…God preaches, a noted Clergyman –
And the sermon is never long,
So instead of getting to Heaven, at last –
I’m going, all along.”
Some keep the Sabbath going to Church
Emily Dickinson

Storm forecast

Just when it appears that spring will sally forth; winter gathers up her cloak and throws it upon the land. With the birth of a new moon, high winds and spring tides were forecast once again. Sure enough as bedtime came around the wind jumped up, clattering the slates, roaring through the trees. The rain poured down, battering the windows with a mixture of sleet and hail. A sudden pang of guilt swept over me as I thought of the plants I had uncovered earlier in the day. Thinking it was time for the “Big Spring Clean-Up“; enthusiastically raking out moss, lifting the leaves and cutting back. Overnight the temperatures fell, a dark dawn, glowering sky and boiling sea, Arran lost in clouds and spray. Sleet, hail, rain, sun and bitter, biting wind… For three days!

Dawn coloursIn the silent pre-dawn hour, the cloudless sky, sprinkled with twinkling stars, fading as sunlight edges over the eastern hills. Robin’s song pierces the dawn, as suddenly each birds finds its voice, singing out a morning anthem!

Morning colours

Gently the small breeze stirs the trees, the sky resplendent in violet and pink. As the clouds lift, Arran stands dressed in new snow fall; each gulley and fissure in stark contrast to the dazzling white.

Pink dawns the snow

Light and shade on the mountain, calm and quiet sea, the fishermen returning to their creels. The garden inhabitants celebrate the morning, shaking out their feathers, raising their collective voice in exultant song…

 Have a great day – whatever the weather! Thanks for stopping by! 





December Moon

Stepping out onto the dark landing, a warm orange glow paints the walls. In the Western sky, golden light, skims the clouds, a beacon in the dark winter sky.

Sweet Morning Light

Sunrise, in pink and lavender hue; yielding to peculiar yellow-grey, stormy light… Could it be?

The best is yet to come...

Drops of rain, tap a delicate rhythm on the window pane. Rain, sun, a tinsel twist of rainbow to decorate the dawning skies…

First snow

Finally, cloud curtain lifts to reveal first dusting of snow over the distant mountains. It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas after all!

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After weeks of warm dry weather the welcome rain fell, loud percussive rain, washing away the dust, refreshing the garden, changing the air with autumn coolness. The garden is transformed, garlanded with crystal jewels sparkling in the early sun. Inhale, hold the cool air in your lungs, exhale, let go of all tensions. Open your eyes and see the beauty -“we come to every new morning”.

 Add to the Beauty – Sara Groves


Garden full of newness;

brimming with birdsong.

Keeps the happy gardener

in the garden long!

(Hope your garden is springing into life too)

Time to catch up with all the tasks neglected over the holiday. Helping the cat settle in, teaching him not to hunt the birds. From somewhere I hear a nest of baby sparrows calling… Whatever you do today – enjoy!)

Dawn delivers a drab day, coloured in grey. The foghorn’s mournful moan sending a melancholy lament, down the water. Clouds cocoon the view, coddling the land with cool, damp air. No sunshine to coax the flowers open, the only stars on show adorn Grape Hyacinths…



viola odorata, sweet violetMuscari, Crocus, Sweet Violet (Viola odorata)

Monochrome morning, a group of pheasants tread warily through the garden puffing up their drab feathers against the gusting wind. Rain swirls in clouds, as elegant as ice dancers over the green. Two wood pigeons waddle lazily, oblivious to their surroundings, like corpulent clerics taking the air. If I were inclined I would be checking my recipe books!

Just another watery day; but no such thing as the wrong weather – just the wrong clothes! The little burn hurries by churning up bubbles, beautiful in monochrome…

Bubbling Brook



Reflected Sunrise, Arran

Looking out of the window before bed, the moon had risen high above the trees, the garden cast in silver moonlight. Expecting to wake to a frosty morn, was woken with rain thrumming on the roof, “so much for frost” I thought turning over and going back to sleep. Couldn’t quite work out where the shadows were coming from at first light; opening the curtains wider;  was surprised by a beautiful moonset….


Sunlight breaks through cool grey skies; each leaf and flower arrayed in gossamer gowns.  Swallows sweep and whirl , exhilarating in exuberant flight. Greenfinches search the beech hedge for food; butterflies, replete on nectar, warm their wings. Bees buzz lazily over the garden, while fruit bushes bear their treasures on laden limbs. Morning sings her song to those who will pause to listen….