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Sunset after a grey day

Sinking sun sends a golden

ribbon across the muted sky,

 bids a wistful goodnight; 

Full Moon Rising

While wrapped in silver and starlight,

radiant moon rises beyond the trees,

to scatter brightness.


Dusk, that delightful time as day dwindles and night expands, all around is cloaked in mystery, shadowed and silent. A rustle of rodents, an owl’s hoot, shuffling cows in the nearby field. A dog bark and the whisper of the leaves – the rising wind and the gentle rain. Night fall…

Still early but already warm, the swallows are swooping in and out of the shed offering up morsels to swallow babies. In between they line up on the gutter to scold the cat. A mouse gathered seeds in the grassy, mint patch before running to cover in the undergrowth. The sea is cool and blue, dotted with fishing boats, the Belfast ferry passes on time as usual.

The moon barely made an appearance last night, consumed by the lingering light. A sliver of silver in the pale sky.

Moon in June

Moon in June


Cat is reluctant to come inside there is too much to entice him in the night sky…

Bad kitty

Bad kitty!

The garden is quite different from last year; fewer poppies (needed the frost?)…

July 2013

July 2013

June 2014

June 2014

But we have a garden this year, maybe not the garden that I see in my imagination but gradually grass gives way to beds filled with flowers and vegetables, (though mostly potatoes to clear the ground – well it is Ayrshire!)

June 2014

June 2014

But I have flowers to cut and enjoy too…

Monday's harvest

Monday’s harvest

Time and tide wait for no man“, better get started , the strimmer needs mended…

Have a lovely day and thanks for dropping by!



Silver light steals between the curtains, painting ribbons of brightness on the wall. Is it dawn already? Snow-light? Drawing back the curtain the room is flooded with moonlight!  A delicate orb in a lightening sky, washing the sea with soft silver, painting the garden with mystery.  Stars shine brightly, a cannon of celestial music falling gently to earth, before fading to a sliver of pale orange resting the arms of dawn….