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Our friend had a birthday, a round birthday and being young at heart (and fit), invited a convivial group of people for a gentle hike around Loch Trool . Last time we visited the area was to celebrate his wife’s round birthday, also in October. As we neared the park a light rain began to fall, having driven down in sunshine that seemed just a little unreasonable. But the grey, gun-metal skies were brightened by the fattest, most colourful rainbow I have ever seen.

Gathering in the car park the sun reappeared as we set off in high spirits. October has been dry so the going was good. Birch leaves golden in the afternoon sun, berried bushes shone like jewels. Blackberries asking to be eaten, fat and heavy on the twisted canes. Gradually the groups dispersed as those who like to get round as quickly as the could rushed ahead. For the rest we strolled, taking in the scenery, conversing, stooping to look at bright orange fungi, lush green mosses, stands of pine and mighty oaks. Battles were fought here, (Outlander probably filmed here), countless feet have passed this way. And you really do have to pause to drink in the scenery as the loch stretches in front.

Not a taxing walk, (“my mum could do it” quips my friend), yes, until you get to that last hill before the car park; when the promise of food is so near and yet that hill is so steep – even if it is tarmac by this time! 🙂 “What took you so long?” queries my walking companion’s husband. We look stunned, when did he pass us? Last seen entering the bushes – yes, they are all of that age… So while we had walked and waited and worried, he had passed us miles back. “Men” we both mutter under our breath. Every one back, boots changed and off to the House O Hill  for a birthday feast. What a feast –  Happy Birthday Ian!

How do you like to celebrate significant birthdays?




Loch Trool

Delighted to be invited to our friends 50th birthday celebration but if you were thinking “a nice evening indoors” think again. Her idea of a party is a stroll around Loch Trool! Of course the weather had finally broken so several of us turned up at church in full wet-weather walking garb. Assured it was “a walk my mother could do in trainers” felt a little reassured. “Follow the road through Straiton it’ll take you right there…

As we drove through the village; past another friend’s house, the road gradually became a single track road and finding ourselves at some unknown summit in the rain, we began to think we had taken the wrong turn. Thankfully the GPS on the phone still worked and discovered that the road would take us to Glen Trool. Setting off again, finally arrived on time at the meeting point, to discover that most of the others had also decided they had been on the wrong road. But no, our hosts reassured us that was the road we were meant to take! Adding more layers of waterproofs we set off – it was a lovely walk, leaves not quite turned enough and the rain drifting in and out, we drank in the scenery, a single osprey above the loch and the undulating path opening onto different panoramas.  Steeped in history, Robert the Bruce fought the Battle of Glen Trool here, good ambush territory.

Loch Trool Trail

Two youngsters sprinted off ahead us, one or two needed a little encouraging to reach the finish but finally everyone returned and, forming a convoy, we headed off to the little hotel for a wonderful, locally sourced, buffet dinner, wish I had been more hungry as there was so much and so delicious!

Loch Trool Trail

So if you have a “Round” birthday to celebrate let me commend both the walk and the eatery. As we were leaving the rain was tipping down; were we returning along the single track road? No way!  Went home on the A road…

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