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Capturing the Sun

Fleeting frost

Ice and light captured

in chaliced leaf


Between moon rise and sun’s set

golden light poured forth,

gilded land and sea


Long summer days have grown weary, dawn climbs over the hill a little later each day and ends his journey earlier in shades of reds and gold, spilling from grey skies, over the purple sea. The low sun halos each leaf and flower in hallowed light, exposing exquisite beauty, minute detail. Leaves and petals fray as wind and weather takes its toll. Swallows return to roost early, even the bats seem less exuberant than in the first days of summer, flitting quietly through the treetops. The songbirds sing a different tune, creeping back into the garden from the surrounding woods. Grain is ripe for harvest, rippling golden in the wind, busy farmers reading the skies, racing the weather. Another harvest beckons from the hedgerows as fruits ripen and redden. Time to consider the autumn planting before the first frosts paint the garden white…

Sunlight dancing

with shadows;

tempting touch… 

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas…

Boxing Day is traditionally a quiet one in our home as we sleep off the Christmas feast. After the recent storms, the day was so beautiful and still that we had to go visit the sea again. There is an unusual camaraderie among fellow walkers as we exchange Christmas greetings. Dogs bounced along the strand, chasing balls, braving the cold sea. The low December sun created wonderful contrasts over the shore; the beach was unusually clear as debris had been swept high up the beach with high tides. Was glad I had taken the camera, as the wind and water had created beautiful patterns; enjoy the light on the sand….