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Suddenly the garden is filled with surprise. Every day I venture out there is something new to delight my childlike heart. Snowdrops garlanded with raindrops. Winter Aconite – Eranthis hyemalis, shines like gold in the morning sun; and Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis) in bud…

From the bedroom window, the first dainty blossoms shine like fallen stars, closer inspection reveals delicate, pale blossoms on the slender bough. First hawthorn leaves are bright green in the leafless hedgerow…

 Early crocus (C. tommasinianus) punctuate the lawn as I hurriedly planted in the Autumn, not eaten by the voles but flourishing under  the birch and beech. The first daffodils, their gold petals beginning to burst from their protective capsule. How glorious the Spring garden as winter flees, the warmth and sun returns and the garden takes on colour  once again…


Every day in the garden is filled with wonder

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Tree bark

Dramatic Autumn Crocus

Gunnera leaf

In the sheltered garden

she stands, 

warming her back in low autumn sun.


Sunlight on my back, sheltered from the wind, the scent of autumn pervading the garden. What could be more delightful on warm, dry Sunday afternoon?  Woodpecker knocking in the tree above my head, as I trace the textured bark with my fingertips, a stunning abstract in grey and white. As the massive Gunnera (Gunnera manicata)  catches the falling leaves, a collection building in the crease of her leaf. Autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale) bloom, a profusion of purple, nestled between the shadows as the leaf litter grows. Drama in the garden on a quiet Sunday stroll…

Long summer days have grown weary, dawn climbs over the hill a little later each day and ends his journey earlier in shades of reds and gold, spilling from grey skies, over the purple sea. The low sun halos each leaf and flower in hallowed light, exposing exquisite beauty, minute detail. Leaves and petals fray as wind and weather takes its toll. Swallows return to roost early, even the bats seem less exuberant than in the first days of summer, flitting quietly through the treetops. The songbirds sing a different tune, creeping back into the garden from the surrounding woods. Grain is ripe for harvest, rippling golden in the wind, busy farmers reading the skies, racing the weather. Another harvest beckons from the hedgerows as fruits ripen and redden. Time to consider the autumn planting before the first frosts paint the garden white…

Feels like forgiveness;

leaf and flower

opening into sunshine,

writing a melody

entreating us to

really listen – creation singing!



The carefree wind whispers “Let go”;

Timid leaf, shivers “No

“Look” hissed the wind “your friends have gone.

 – Quaking leaf “and I’m still home

“Jump!” tugs the wind; “Just let go!”

leaf trembling, “I don’t think so!”

“Stay here then, live with your fear!”

Leaf sighs “It’s all right here…”


“Not only are you afraid when facing the unknown, so is everyone else!”

Susan Jeffers