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Wind Surfing - Lake Garda

The pessimist complains about the wind;

The optimist expects it to change;

The realist adjusts his sails.

William Arthur Ward


Kite Surfing  - Lake Garda

When the wind blows up around Torbole, Lake Garda, those in the know trim their sails and exploit the wind!

Historic Lake front town , Church of St Benedetto

When you stop to think about it, it is really quite amazing that you can have breakfast in Scotland and arrive in another country in time for lunch! Leaving soon after sunrise, we arrived to the warmth of an Italian afternoon at Verona airport. Having booked a late holiday we chose a package, relieved to be greeted by a cheerful holiday rep and directed to a little coach which drove us to Limone sul Garda. As we drove through Riva we caught our first glimpse of Lake Garde.

Our hotel was a 17th century Venetian villa, set right on the lake front, beside the ferry terminal. We enjoyed great views across the length and breadth of the lake. The first rays of sun slipped through the curtains, a lone fisherman stood at the ferry point hoping for a catch. Ducks and coots played on the water beneath our window. (Our room is on the corner with the shutters).

Limone was very busy, even though it was not yet high season. The ferries arrived and disgorged large groups of tourists who just seemed to mill around the lake front and visit the very nice (expensive) shops. If you like leather goods – this is the place! For the first few days we smelled of lemons, leather, diesel and dust 😀

In the past Limone was a major producer of lemons and other citrus fruits, you can see evidence of the old lemon groves all around the town. Some have been built on but many have been restored. You can visit the Lemon museum (cost 2 euros) and see the cultivation of various varieties of citrus, the aroma of the blossoms accentuated in the warm sunshine.

Ferries take you around the lake, you can buy a rover ticket, discounts are usually available too. We went to Riva, Gardone and Salo but we kept waiting for the cloud to clear before we visited Malcesine, it never did and we never went but it would have been an interesting visit!

Mountains above Malcesine

After the first few days of sunshine the weather broke with thunder and heavy rain although we did not experience the flooding that affected countries on the other side of the Alps.

Chiesa di San Benedetto

Take time to explore the quaint, cobbled streets, visit the three churches, admire the views or walk along the river or up to the waterfall. Look up and admire the window boxes, peer over garden walls and enjoy the green spaces carved out from the hillside. If you are a gardener, then visiting early in the season means that you can enjoy the flora and fauna. Walking through the olive grows just as they come into flower, watching the blackbirds in the cherry trees. There is so much to enjoy, including the small fishing museum in the municipal park, sitting by the lake enjoying coffee and cake, though the lemonade is especially good! Don’t forget the ice cream and limoncello 🙂

The community also organises free concerts over the summer. After our ‘Gala buffet’  at the hotel, we strolled along the promenade to a free concert  given by L’Orchestra Filarmonica Del Veneto, conducted by Maestro Riccardo Boeretto and the tenor Francesco Grollo. We enjoyed a wonderful evening of Italian music ending is several encores – only stopped once by an approaching ambulance trying to negotiate the crowd. They resumed to rapturous applause.

It was a lovely week away, sunshine, new foods, new language, lots to explore –

But there's no place like home!

But really – there is no place quite like home… But now I have a garden to catch up in 😀

Thanks for stopping by today – will share our holiday highlights over the next few days