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When storms come our way, we often feel discouraged, overwhelmed. The waters flow fast and strong; threatening to sweep us away in cascades of white water. But then the rain eases and the angry waters grow calm and still; until only the quiet waters trickle by, leaving pools of reflections.

Life can be a bit like that too. A sudden unexpected squall appears sending us scurrying for shelter. We may wish we had been more prepared but sometimes the unexpected happens, we are taken unawares, surprised, bewildered. It takes time to process alone, with family and friends. From somewhere deep within you summon the strength and courage to face the ordeal, because this too will pass…

‘When you pass through the waters; I will be with you.

When you cross rivers, you will not drown.

When you walk through fire, you will not be burned,

nor will the flames hurt you’

Isaiah 43:2


‘We can never cross the ocean unless we have

the courage to lose sight of the shore’


A song for the rough days you may encounter on your journey,  whatever  oceans or rivers you must cross…

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February Sunset

As slowly light returns

pushing back the boundary

of darkness;

Winter yields to Spring,

As new greens rend the drabness.

Even in seeming chaos

Ordered growth encircles us

Bringing Hope, gentle Gladness


A constant, gentle drumming on the old slate roof as the grey clouds relinquish their burden of rain over the land. The ribbon of tarmac, a river of rain water rushing into culvert and burn. Yesterday’s frost long forgotten, golden sunsets consumed in greyness. Sea and sky meld into uniform colour, horizon barely visible, hiding the land beyond. But somewhere beyond the clouds the sun is still shining…

From the moss and litter of beech leaves Snowdrops spread in white drifts across the garden. Light in the darkness, brightness in the shadows. Life is filled with contrasts – health, ill-health, gladness, sadness, life or death. So much taken for granted until suddenly confronted by the enormity of a sudden change in circumstances. But on this journey I have discovered it is not a journey walked in solitude but accompanied by a great cloud of witnesses. I’m so grateful and humbled by messages of hope and prayer from all around the world and at home. Surrounded by such good friends and family and the assurance of a loving God who will never leave or abandon us. Tomorrow is another step into the unknown before more surgery. I believe You’re gonna be ok

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Love as long as the Gorse flowers

While one flower remains

love still reigns.

Dreams torn;

hearts frayed

but hope abides

as long as Gorse smiles golden.

(for Little Bear)


According to Scottish folklore ‘if gorse is not in flower, kissing’s not in season’ or put another way; there will always be love as long as the Gorse blossoms. Gorse Bach flower essence is used for uncertainty perhaps for those unsure after life’s small tragedies.

The hills are now yellow with Gorse, the new lambs gamboling in the fields. Hedgerows are unfurling into the brightest greens. Pink Ribes light up the bare branches. Spring Equinox has arrived, green finches gather bedding from the garden. All around signs of hope are stirring…..

This is my 150th – Yeah! Go me!

Golden sunset



Sunlit seas, ever changing, each night a new concert of light and shadow, colour and contrast.  Evensong to the closing day, a sonnet, a lullaby, the closing of the day bringing hope for the morrow.