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 Rain soaked Rose

As you climb the path to the ticket office, be surprised by a little garden hut brightly decorated and warm welcome – even the tickets are a work of art! A map lists the trees and sculptures, even now I’m astonished at how much there is to be enjoyed in the garden – and that’s before you consider the planting šŸ˜€

Under leaden skies and drizzle; the orchids were a burst of colour, most were at eye level so they could be really appreciated. There were several varieties scattered around the site. Many different countries are represented throughout the garden includingĀ Bougainvillea which abounded in our African gardens. The plant list was useful when coming across something unusual…

Hidden in the gardens are a wealth of stunning art works including ‘Mostri Sputani‘ (Spitting monsters) created by Andre Heller; Ā or Ā ‘Homo Horribilis‘ quietly eating himself. There are plenty of well known artist’s work to be discovered as you traverse the garden.

Don’t rush through the garden or you may miss a few effects, mist suddenly covering the pond, causing the sculpture to become more malevolent! Mosaic creatures lead the way into the garden as you start to climb the hill but there is just too much to see, you do need to go around at least twice. Look up also, sometimes the sculpture is above head height…

Rest room Art

And when you need a rest stop? Even the loo has art to admire…

Crane sculpture

Among the Acers, a crane spreads her wings as if about to take flight.There are several different ponds or Lago including Lago Monet, Lago Koi, Lago dei Poeti beside the Cactus house. An Ivy tunnel, Rose garden, African Savannah, rocky areas and small ‘mountains’ to climb, from where you can survey the garden and realise you’ve missed half of it out!

Above are huge Purple Amethyst from Uruguay, truly impressive. We spent a few minutes walking around them to convince ourselves that they were real. ‘Ivy’s tunnel‘ ends (or starts) with a large wooden heart, there is so much whimsy and love in this garden. Ā Linger in the rose garden and inhale the delicious sweet fragrance. It was good to visit early in the season before it becomes too hot. We returned full of ideas for our own garden…

Rose garden

Hope you feel inspired today too – thanks for stopping by!Ā 




One of the first sculpture to meet you in the Heller garden

Where ever we go on holiday – I will find a garden to visit! After a rainy Sunday, where we were content to read books and walk the promenade, we decided Monday was the day to exploreg. Purchasing a ‘Navigarda’ ticket paying a bit more for the hydrofoil but claiming our discount too, we set of to explore the lake. Sailing from Limone to MalcesineĀ then on to Gardone. It was still grey and raining heavily so we went down to the lower deck and experienced the hydrofoil planing over the lake. As Gardone came into view the rain let off a bit… The Heller Garden is a short walk from the ferry stop, even as you enter, you know it’s somewhere special.

Not a botanic garden but one filled with whimsy, an abundance of plants, every corner of the space used. Gardens within gardens, quiet tranquil spaces, ponds, sculptures, interactive sculpture, overflowing with humour! The visitor is encouraged to explore the tiny paths, climb the craggy “hills”, smell the flowers, ponder the views. You need sensible footwear, the paths climb the sloping garden and winds around and through bamboo, wooded areas, even the paths are wittily dotted with mosaic creatures.

Around every corner, there is something to make you laugh out loud, amuse, consider. Flowers to delight; from grasses, trees, roses, orchids, alliums, bamboo stands, several ponds, gardens reflecting different areas of the world.

Peopled by tiny sculptures, towering above you, waving or drowning? Watching or just waiting? I loved these little figures hidden among the flowers or standing sentinel over the garden.

Picnic on the lawn - Heller Garden

Quirky sculpture inviting you to dinner – Amaryllis anyone?

Orchids - Heller garden

Orchids at eye level to enjoy, refreshed by the rain…

This is a garden for everyone to enjoy, although small, you can get lost in it on every level, though I imagine it will get busy at high season. There is a little kiosk at the top of the garden where you can sit and savour the garden over an espresso. There is so much to see, we went around twice and still discovered places we hadn’t seen first time round. And then the rain came down again šŸ™‚ Part two tomorrow!

Have a great day!