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may come your way…


Just when you thought it was safe to unwrap plants and harden-off the seedlings; the blossom begins to open and new leaves unfurl. When the winter woollies have been washed and put away for another season… Suddenly its winter again!

Cherry  in bloom - finally

The past few days of watching the cherry blossoms fattening, they have burst open into pink and white frilly tutus, but the wind blew up overnight tearing the blossoms from the bough…

New greens...

The grey beech trees are putting on their new spring clothes…


Thinking I would be planting out the over-wintered plants but instead they are wrapped up in fleece or still in the mini-greenhouses…

Apple blossom time; almost...

But its not all doom and gloom, the fruit trees are budding…


The garden is filling up with spring flowers, and everything putting on a growth spurt. But still no swallows or house martins; perhaps they saw the weather forecast and decided to summer on the continent, could be tempted to join them!

Whatever the weather, enjoy the season and thanks for stopping by!


Though April showers may come your way,

They bring the flowers that bloom in May.

So if it’s raining, have no regrets,

Because it isn’t raining rain you know,

it’s raining violets.

April Showers  (1921)

Music by Louis Silvers & Lyrics by Buddy De Sylva

Though April Showers sung by Ole Blue Eyes himself…


Stormy Weather

Growling, howling, prowling,

tugging, tearing, ripping.

Whipping, waves; wild sea horses.

Bending the beeches,

twisting the pines.

No more sleeping ;

too much roaring

water, wind and hail.

Sudden stillness, perfect silence,

starlight, moonlight

eerie quiet.

Snuggle down deeper, wrap tightly the downie,

gale has finally blown itself out!


Was hoping for respite after two nights of storms but the icy wind suddenly rises from the sea, driving the pregnant clouds inland, spilling the cargo of hail. And then – abrupt silence, stillness, respite from the wind and rain until all at once – it starts all over again! Weather warnings for wind and ice!

soft, falls the rain

Soft schmirr,

draping each bough

with garland mists.

Hangs in spaces

holding peace…

Hail, hail

Sweeping across the firth,

hail like a harridan

lashes the land,

obliterating the sun

*Shmirr – soft drizzle

Roaring fire

Bedtime and suddenly aware that the wind has risen, the fire suddenly bursts into life and closing the dampers doesn’t make much difference. Hail tap dances over the tiles, wind roars around the house tugging at anything that might possibly be flung into the air. But this is a small storm, the main event is happening much further south.

Stormy Weather

Dawn breaks and the sea is still churning, a Sea King helicopter flies low over the sea, amazed as it hovers over a small area, in spite of the wind, before slowly turning and heading back up the coast. I missed the big wave that swamped the large tree. Arran covered in snow and with the wind chill it is bitterly cold. The ground is saturated once more, but the garden appears unscathed. Will have to find inside jobs today…..