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Lonely days ahead...

The wind has turned and the cold North wind blows through the trees, suddenly reminded of winters close proximity.The still green leaves pass quickly through copper and gold to rich brown. Flurries of leaves dance across the garden, a deep, crisp, carpet; a satisfying crunch underfoot…

Now the first frost arrives; a flurry of snow, with a bitterly cold wind coaxing, cajoling, withering, drying, prying the leaves from the trees. The garden is alive with hungry birds; a bevvy of blackbirds, a flurry of goldcrests, goldfinch, and a tattle of tits. The hawthorn trees are soon stripped of the haws, the lichen and moss probed for over-wintering insects. No sooner are the feeders filled before the arguments start, the dunnocks and robins content to gather from the ground. Flossy loiters beneath them too hoping for an easy treat….

Even so, the cold dark ground sends forth shoots, the first snowdrops piercing the sunless soil. A few last flowers burst into bloom, calendula golden in the weak sunlight, roses in November and pink lilies. First long winter rains and the little burn rushes by, carrying a flotilla of beech leaves toward the sea on a rush of white water. Three white swans fly overhead and the curlew calls from the field, a sure sign the season is turning.

Inula seed heads

Stark against the muted sky, seed heads offered up to foraging finches, sunflowers submitting to the cold and rain. Dahlias never to flower need dug out and stored, but the moss-lined baskets of viola and cyclamen cheerily open new flowers, sparkling in the evening sun.

Firelight and lamplight, soup and fresh bread, casserole and stew, winter food to feed the body. Poetry, music, reading, writing, time for the soul. Times for reflection and planning and dreaming of next years summer garden. Of being organised and having an orderly garden! Aye, right! 😀

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“O hushed October morning mild,

Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;

Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild,

Should waste them all….”

Robert Frost
Fallen rose
Fall, (or Autumn if you prefer), but everything begins to fall. First a trickle of leaves flutter down from the treetops until the fall becomes a torrent. Roses garland the grass, torn from their stems in the mischievous winds.
Paint the morning pink
Sunrise paints the morning pink, rain or sun? Before the sun rises beyond the trees and shines brightly upon the dew soaked sod…
Thrush was here
Somewhere the thrush trills her morning song, elusive visitor, warrior, striking down the gardener’s enemies.
Snack food
Puff balls pop up overnight, snack food for voles and harvest mice or perhaps the visiting squirrel?
Breaking down
Tiny tables of delight collect around the rotting stumps, appearing like freshly baked rolls in a bakers window.
Autumn fare
Lying in the leaf litter, toadstools spread their feast for small visitors.
Berry nice
Berries hang enticingly, Blackbirds favourite, but for now they swell and fatten waiting for more inclement weather.
Waiting for Harvest
Apples, redden and sweeten in the last days of sun. Tempting the birds and rabbit waiting for the windfalls. Kitchen filled with autumn aroma, spiced apple cake, blackberry and apple pie, mint syrup. Gathering the harvests filling the
Fallen foliageSnuggled in the dew-drenched grass a lonely leaf lies waiting for his near neighbours to join him in this autumn pilgrimage. The last sweet-peas bloom, cosmos blossoms brightly but only ’til the first frosts strike… We all wait for Fall, embrace the changes!
We had a stunning sunset ten days ago, Scottish Instagram-ers shared wonderful photos. The little twins asked “Mummy, are sunsets dangerous?”
Still laughing I ran outside with the camera to capture the last glorious rays of the dying day. And then it happened!
Suddenly, sliding on the dewy grass, twisting my ankle as I found myself lying at the roadside.That’s what happens when slipping on worn out garden shoes and running around in the falling dew!  FALL – yes, sunsets are dangerous!
Crawling back into the house, lying on the sofa with a bag of frozen peas and my foot elevated. R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression and elevation). Thankfully no more than a bad sprain,  nicely bruised and still strapped up but rather cramping my style. So that’s my excuse for being so tardy and not posting for a while! 😀
I did manage to Instagram though – so you can catch up on the less active gardening capers there!
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Summers bright colours have faded to yellows and browns, peppering the grass with patches of colour. Finally the toadstools populate the garden in shades of grey, browns and yellows. Preparing new beds for next season, ground filled with worms welcome gifts for the “gardening girls.” Hoping to cut out another bed and split several plants in the spring, making space for lavender babies overwintering in the greenhouses, time to order seed catalogues and dream of warm summer gardens…

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