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“…Let it come, as it will, and don’t   
be afraid. God does not leave us   
comfortless, so let evening come.”
Jane Kenyon
Collected Poems, 2005

My Sunset! - Home

This sky I know,

in pallid evening hue…

Home skies

Muted grey and gold,

as softly falls the sun

Homely Mountains

Behind the craggy mountains,

stark against the sky…

Golden Path

The road home, paved with gold

the evening breeze, a sigh…

 whispers “HOME”


Kick off your shoes and hum – you’re home!

still waters

Been a beautiful day today, and suddenly it’s sunset, rich in golden hues. The sun retreating to the southern end of Arran, poured out like golden oil over the still waters. Bleating of sheep and the occasional seagull’s cry disturb the quietness. Darkness falls more quickly now, swallows and early bats pass each other in the dwindling light. Another day has passed, night comes when no man can work…

 Good night or Good morning dear readers!  

and wait…

Haloed sun

 In the dwindling light

I wait;

listening for your voice

As far north as the sun will travel

Whispered words of comfort

and calm,

poured out like balm

Raining lightSpilling over 

enfolding, soothing;

lulled to rest


I can never be less than amazed by sunsets, light over the sea falling behind the mountains. Reflected light, playing through the cloud, lighting up the land. Entreating me to stop; pause; pay attention. This too will pass, for one brief moment, be quiet and wait…

Thanks for stopping by –  may you find beauty surrounding you today 


Twilight; as day ebbs into night;

Where sound is more pronounced,

Inviting the listener to really hear.

Linger in the darkening day, 

Intentionally perceive each tiny, unseen movement,

Greet night’s unassuming guests, 

Half visible to our human eye, as

They wend their way ‘tween dusk and dawn.

There  is something wonderful, standing in the night garden, as the birds return to roost and the final birdsong drains away with the fading light. Bats flit over the trees, stand still long enough and they will dive and swoop over your upturned head. Tiny rustles indicate the voles are scrabbling in the leaf litter and the hedgehog rising from his leafy bed. Twilight is a special time to let the cares of the day slip away, unwind and let sleep wrap a warm mantle over you…

Thanks for stopping by whether it be morn or dusk, let nature soothe your path

Between moon rise and sun’s set

golden light poured forth,

gilded land and sea