Splendid in the evening sun

Not far away a rugged castle hugs the land; home to pigeons and sparrows while swallows and martins duck and dive beneath the craggy cliff. Home of the Kennedy’s, descendants of Robert the Bruce, rooted in Scotland’s bloody history…

As we had a visitor, we headed out to the fishing village of Dunure, beloved by photographers and artists. (Charles Rennie Macintosh used to frequent the shores and village).  A rather quiet evening weather wise but when the sou’westerly blows in, the coast line is wild. If you love geology, then this is the place, the shore is littered with all manner of stones. I can recognise quartz and granite but there are many beautifully coloured pebbles. If you enjoy bird watching, then the rocks are covered in Cormorants, Shag, Oyster catchers and several types of gulls. I could watch the sea for hours as the waves wash over the ancient stones, leading to quiet meditation. In spite of exposure to the elements there are still plenty of wild flowers and grasses clinging on to the steep rocks. The dainty Harebell, in palest blue caught my eye in the setting sun.

Sadly, even in the wildest places, humans leave their waste behind, drinks cans, plastic bottles, balloons, plastic bags, glass, disposable barbeque grills. Why do we do this,? Who do we think will clean up after us? So  we set off back along the beach we each gathered up the rubbish, taking it back to the bins in the car park. No phone with me to Instagram the haul but so glad that beach lovers all over the world gather up the detritus with  2 Minute beach clean 

If you are visiting Scotland don’t neglect the west coast, Glasgow and Edinburgh have plenty to offer but if you like to slow down and enjoy walking and exploring then Dunure and the surrounding area have plenty to offer…

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