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Easter Monday and the sun shone as if to reassure after the rain-drenched Sunday, that sunshine follows rain, joy after despair, laughter after tears…

Catching the sight of the yellow daisies beneath the still bare trees, they just appealed for closer inspection…

Interspersed with bluebells, wild garlic, dog mercury, small comfrey and the fading daffodils; I couldn’t help but stand mesmerised , watching the flowers sway in the morning breeze. We love visiting Culzean, and this was really my first foray into the world for several weeks (apart from hospital visits – they don’t count!) ­čÖé

Overhead, the birds sang in a loud cacophony of song. The sweet, musty smell of the damp woodland, soft earth underfoot; we can walk wordlessly among the trees, every sense alive. A flutter of bird wing, a flash of colour, a scent on the air, the sound of the sea, a rustle of leaf litter. Simple treasures, simply available, simply wondrous!

Thanks for stopping by today – ┬ámay you find pleasure in simple treasure today


Still flowering

I love walled gardens, if I discover a walled garden that’s where you’ll find me and my other half. If it has a green house; even better – I love greenhouses too! Culzean has a stunning walled garden that varies throughout the year but always has something new to discover, smell or enjoy. Filled with fragrance and rivers of colour. A haven for wild life too…

Grape Houses

Look at all that glass and pristine paintwork; reminds me of my childhood. I love the warm, damp, green smell of a greenhouse. Grape vines prunes and bearing fruit. Exotic climbers, scaling the walls, in rich deep colours…

Pergola passion!

And perfect pergolas too, a fairly recent addition (we’ve been visiting here for a lo-ong┬átime so everything is relative.) Leading out into the woods along woodland paths to wilder areas of the estate…

Testament to Autumn

The packed borders have bloomed and delighted many a guest but now spent and brown, filled with seed. Waiting for the wind to shake the brittle stems to set them free on the breeze. The gardeners have already started the autumn tidy-up so some areas are bare and brown…

Agapanthus seed heads

African Lilies, in shades of blue and purple, now withered and brown await winter’s cruel blast, far from home…

Educated Thistle

Cardoon stands tall against the sun, an educated thistle, given pride of place. They will still be there well into winter, trimmed with frost, providing shelter and food for finches and wren. I’m hoping the seedlings I planted this year will fair a bit better next spring!

There is so much to see at Culzean Castle  that if you are travelling you should plan to stay for the day. Bring a picnic or eat in the cafe (check opening times). Explore the shore, visit the swan pond, woodland walks, restored buildings or spend time in the second hand bookshop or the castle.






perfect camellia - CulzeanMysteries of mathematics

made manifest in a

lowly flower

Camellia - Culzean

Amidst wind and showers;

Spring proclaimed

Magnolia flowers


Visited the nearby National Trust Property between the showers to admire the Magnolia in blossom!

November Avenue


Culzean Shore