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Waiting for Harvest

I tell you for certain that a grain of wheat that falls on the ground will never be more than one grain unless it dies. But if it dies, it will produce lots of wheat.’ John 12:24

Just one short week ago… Just one short week ago, we pulled on our somber clothes and headed for the city to attend our friend’s funeral. Funny, witty, erudite, we had all been young together, sharing our dreams and talents. Our lives diverged, meeting up in our small circles of friends, hearing of one another through the grapevine of church life and mutual companions; until the phone rang the previous Sunday. Now here we all were, young people grown grey, children into adulthood…

 Listening attentively as her friend led the congregation and reminded us of our loss. Church packed with congregation, family, friends and colleagues, our voices uniting to fill the ancient church with our hymn,  ‘Lo, He comes in clouds descending‘. Saying goodbye, here, here in the parish she loved and served; all gathered to honour our friend who had made such a difference in her post-industrial community… But the work will continue.

We reminded each other of shared memories, how she had officiated at weddings, her puppets and clowning, her poetry and classics training, her intellect, her husband and family but assured by our collective faith.

Every death is unexpected even when it is anticipated, so finding ourselves attending a funeral and a wedding in one day was also unexpected…

Slipping off the sad-rags into our glads; leaving behind the sorrow yet certainty of the morning, we anticipated with joy the long-awaited wedding of our friends. Finding ourselves once more in the company of our church family, this time to celebrate. The bride was the original ‘27 Dresses‘! A loving, gregarious, funny, witty, athletic, joyous friend, marrying a lovely man  – at last!

Watching her glide down the aisle on her father’s arm, radiating happiness, the love filling the room, the joy as we gathered to witness their marriage. People from all over the world, all the couples whose weddings she had been bridesmaid at! The badminton club, canoe club, Lasagna Wednesday and everything else. To feel honoured at being included in a sea of people as ‘the people she most cared about in the whole world‘.

As the band ‘Jiggered‘ struck up for the first dance – that’s pretty much how we felt – jiggered – in the best possible way. We are all connected in our little circles, some of us will touch wide circles, some will move in tiny circles but we all matter to one another. In the sad times and the glad times – we matter…

 Mid- August sunset

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No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow 

 March, marched out!

Wild and unruly,

Throwing handfuls of hail

and fistfuls of rain.

April, empowered,

continued with showers,

snow, wind, rain…

Today, like a lamb,

serene and calm,

sunshine and snow capped hills.

Well, it still may be chill,

but look and be thrilled –

Spring could almost be here!


(Just a bit o’ doggerel for the day!)

Happy Birthday Smallest Daughter

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