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Looks idyllic - but you can't see the wind!

Who opened the portal to June

and let this fearsome wind blow in?

Premature fall

Twisting and whipping the tremulous pines;

bending the boughs, tearing the leaflets

before they can feel the warmth of a morning…

petals in the wind

Tugging pale blossoms, tossed like confetti

washed by the rain, floating in rivulets…

Hanging on regardless

Hold fast my sisters, the summer is coming,

the May in flower, the roses a-budding.

We will not give in to the wind or the weather;

Step forward, my daughters, prepare for the summer!


Seems summer is coming, just not yet. The soil temperature has fallen to 40º Fahrenheit (on my antique soil thermometer) and that’s just over 4º Celsius! The trees are in full leaf and being buffeted by the strong winds – it’s June – and it’s cold. Seems like I’ll never put the winter woollies away; the girls are sheltering in the shed along with the robins and blackbirds, just as the nestling start to fledge. Here comes the rain again…

Amidst wind and showers;

Spring proclaimed

Magnolia flowers


Visited the nearby National Trust Property between the showers to admire the Magnolia in blossom!

Busy weeding lost in thought, lulled by birdsong… Suddenly – a New Song! Is it not too early? Can they really be here? Sure enough swooping over the garden to alight on the rickety aerial – a Swallow!


Now “One swallow does not a summer make” and the weekend has been bitterly cold; but clear skies and sunshine have been the gift of the day. The Seacat sails up the Firth twice daily, a reminder that once Easter holidays are over, it will be the summer term. Already?

Today was full of firsts, first butterflies, first ladybirds, garden filled with sound of bees buzzing, first rose buds, new buds and blossoms. Seems like Spring is here and Summer – just around the corner…

I may have to ask a guest blogger to post over the next few days, – suddenly very busy!

A bitter wind blew, sending salt spray over the land. Children flying kites in the clear sky. Waves broke on the shore sending small rainbows into the air. In the sheltered woods, the new flowers unfurled from delicate whites to vibrant reds. Magnolia blossoms in pink and white, Lent lilies pale and delicate, bumble bees visited the Hellebore.The far Corbetts covered in Snow, the wind dropped and overnight the garden painted white with frost, Spring in Scotland; sun, sea and snow….