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June bids Goodnight


Almost eleven and never ending sunset, bats flit across the sky and the swallows still gather insects for the growing brood.


Looking north, the light lingers towards Loch Fyne, still light at 3:45 a.m – did it ever get dark?

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Perfect day, the sea flat calm, wonderful reflections, empty roads, but it will soon fill up with cyclists, bikers and tourers.

Wherever you are today – enjoy !

Ribboned Sunset

A quiet stillness descends over the garden. The air is heavy with the smell of freshly mown grass, all day long the tractors and trailers have hurried past from field to farm. ¬†The swallows flit into the shed to roost. The sound of the sea is carried on the gentle breeze and the sun dips behind the mountains of Arran. ¬†Another perfect day draws to an end…

Now the day is over