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Dear December

Dark, dull and drear,

Abbreviated day and longest night,

Biding this Advent in quiet contemplation,

Searching for Your Light. 




Christmas allotment

Finally given up hoping for some cold and pulled up the thriving nasturtiums from the weedy orchard. Each evening the weatherman promises a touch of frost and each morning I pull back the curtains to cool damp. December 2010 & 2011 were cold, snowy months but the news-reader has just reminded us that every month this year has been the warmest on record, apart from August!

I’m reading your blogs on Christmas preparation and envying your snow scenes; all I ask is a touch of frost! I haven’t even taken photos of the December garden, its just green and damp. “Resting” my daughter reminds me. Perhaps it is because we don’t have “Thanks Giving” to kick-start the Advent Season (although we very quickly acquired “Black Friday” with its disorder and mayhem,) I just don’t feel quite ready. I can’t even get a package delivered from a major department store – it has now spent a third day being driven around rural Ayrshire. Wonder if the deliveryman cares that the customer service person knows it’s sitting on his van and his boss knows it is there too and that they do deliver “up to 7:00 pm” – he has exactly 15 minutes left to deliver before I hit the “I’m not happy” page on the website…

But it’s not all bad, I’ve finally painted the last little patches that were needing repainted; the paper under the paint pot was dated May 2013! The vacuum cleaner bags were delivered by Royal Mail at 7:30 pm last evening, so I can clean up all the dust I created rubbing down the plaster.

Missing Iris...

But for now, I’ll listen to the carols and hope for cold and wonder if hubby will be up for buying the Christmas tree on Saturday when he has only just left the monsoons of coastal East Africa!

Have a good evening and  thanks for stopping by! 

(In case you are wondering, CITY LINK have failed to deliver yet again)

Christmas cat

Waiting for Christmas, Advent was traditionally a time of quiet anticipation but our lives a so jam packed it’s hard to find a quiet moment. The cards are written, the tree decorated but still much to do. The youngest will arrive from Sweden soon and I may just ask her to do a couple of guest blogs while I catch up. So if my blog becomes a little random and a little less frequent, forgive me, I’ll be back soon….