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September sunset

Do not say ‘Goodbye’;

Goodbye is too final,

Too abrupt,

Like a small vessel leaving

The haven for the storm.


Do not say ‘Goodbye’;

Goodbye seems an ending – 

A sad farewell

Where distance separates

And divides me from you.


Do not say ‘Goodbye’;

Goodbye is the shrinking horizon;

The disappearing point of vision,

Dwindling from sight –

Heart breakingly lonely.


Say, ‘See you later’ –

Smile as I slip into blackness

‘Twixt life and death,

Suspended between two worlds –

Wait here for me.


Say, ‘Welcome back’;

As you would a traveller,

Opening my eyes to new life,

The wanderer returned.

Hold me in your eye’s embrace BUT

Do not say ‘Goodbye’ 


Sunset Sea

O God the sea is so wide and my boat is so small;

Be good to me.

A Breton Fisherman

(Short Prayers For The Long day – Giles & Melville Harcourt)

Double Snowdrops

Snowdrops are not innocent:

They fight for what they win.

Beauty’s what comes out:

Blind energy goes in.

J B Pick (1921-2015)

Double Snowdrops

Had a quick foray to the garden to see the Snowdrops grow – love their innocent beauty though they do indeed fight for  what they win

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Capturing the Sun

Fleeting frost

Ice and light captured

in chaliced leaf


February Sunset

As slowly light returns

pushing back the boundary

of darkness;

Winter yields to Spring,

As new greens rend the drabness.

Even in seeming chaos

Ordered growth encircles us

Bringing Hope, gentle Gladness


A constant, gentle drumming on the old slate roof as the grey clouds relinquish their burden of rain over the land. The ribbon of tarmac, a river of rain water rushing into culvert and burn. Yesterday’s frost long forgotten, golden sunsets consumed in greyness. Sea and sky meld into uniform colour, horizon barely visible, hiding the land beyond. But somewhere beyond the clouds the sun is still shining…

From the moss and litter of beech leaves Snowdrops spread in white drifts across the garden. Light in the darkness, brightness in the shadows. Life is filled with contrasts – health, ill-health, gladness, sadness, life or death. So much taken for granted until suddenly confronted by the enormity of a sudden change in circumstances. But on this journey I have discovered it is not a journey walked in solitude but accompanied by a great cloud of witnesses. I’m so grateful and humbled by messages of hope and prayer from all around the world and at home. Surrounded by such good friends and family and the assurance of a loving God who will never leave or abandon us. Tomorrow is another step into the unknown before more surgery. I believe You’re gonna be ok

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Dear December

Dark, dull and drear,

Abbreviated day and longest night,

Biding this Advent in quiet contemplation,

Searching for Your Light. 



First snow

Jack breezes in on the cold North wind

in a flurry of snow and ice;

Roaming the garden on starlit nights,

conjuring magic by pale moonlight;

With arms akimbo, casts his spell

and the ice-flowers grow where the magic fell;

Birling and swirling his wintry cloak

Stripping the leaves from beech and oak;

Summons the star-drops down from the sky

Each tiny leaf to beautify,

Winter sunset

Biding his time till the daylight wanes

Up he springs with a frost refrain –

Fantastic Mr Frost!


Frost is a bit of a novelty in this part of the world so enjoying its magic!

Happy Thanks Giving  to y’all!

 Southerly Sunset - November

November sunset descends;

paints the sky with fire 

and frosts the frozen ground …


Perfectly formed...

A treasury of toadstools

spill across the green;

inscribe a brief autumnal note,

then shrink away…

Toppled toadstool

A Bouquet for You!

Thank You! 

If you follow me you’ll know I procrastinate – all the time. Yep, I can see a great bargain and by the time I make my mind up, the price has almost doubled. That’s me, and procrastination is my middle name. I’ve just been looking through my drafts and some are over a year old;  just ready for this season! Like the one on “Hygge”… 😀

But seriously; Thank You for all the new follows and forgive me that I haven’t come over personally and welcomed you. And to all of you who follow so faithfully, leaving messages of encouragement, Thank you! These flowers are for all of you…. (Yea, this post has been in my head since summer!)

Gifts from the garden

Gifts from the garden are always welcome, there is nothing more enjoyable than cooking for friends and sharing a meal together. Consider yourself invited to a virtual afternoon tea. Wrap up warmly and come sit in the late autumn sun, beneath the old beech trees as the leaves drift confetti-like across the garden…

Hand pies & Herb tea

Blackberry and Apple Hand pies with herb tea or maybe hot chocolate or a nice cup of coffee?  When we first moved to the cottage, our friend (who is half Danish,) gave us a little ceramic heart which reads:

“Laugh often

talk much

sit long”

She has always done ‘Hygge’, (long before it became ‘on trend‘); hand made chocolates, beautiful handmade decorations and the art of just being. We are all so busy; carving out time to spend with each other is not always easy, so put your feet up for 5 minutes and relax…

“…Every heart has so much history
It’s my favorite place to start
Sit down a while and share your narrative with me
I’m not afraid of who you are

I’m all here, and you’re all there
Some of this is unique, and some of it we share
Add it up and start from there
Well, it’s all right here…”

Sara Groves – It’s Alright Here 

Autumn leaves - Beech

But I hope you like poetry too – what poem will you bring?

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night’s decay
Ushers in a drearier day.
Fall, leaves, fall
Emily Bronte – (1818–1848)
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Tiny toadstool

Tiny Treasures

Hid in plain site,

Adorn the mossy lawn.