Thank you Cynthia and Hamlin ๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’•

Cynthia Reyes - Author

You may know her as The Hopeful Herbalist.

She writes gorgeous poetry and prose, and posts lovely photos of life at her home in Scotland.

Sheโ€™s also a blogger friend to me and many others. As an example,ย Jeniโ€™s kind wishes and comforting verses helped bolster my hope and faith at a very shaky time.

blog-photo-pink-peony[1]Recently, Jeni has been going through a challenging time, alluded to here.


Jeni and Ian and your family: you are in our hearts and prayers.

If I were half as good a poet as you, Jeni, Iโ€™d write something wonderful โ€” but as you know, Iโ€™m poetically challenged.

blog-photo-afternoon-tea-pink-poppies[1]And as you might guess, Hamlin took these photos. I didnโ€™t.

But I chose them for you. ย And I send you love.

Stay strong, my friend.

From my family, to you and yours, with hugs.

Grace and peace.

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