You’ll find me in the garden!

October seems to be a good month in the garden. Last year we had a perfect ‘Indian Summer‘ before November stormed in with wind and rain continuing well into 2016! Taking as much advantage as I can of this sublime gift, every opportunity I can, you will find me in the garden. Sunrise is after seven now, slowly stealing up behind the hills, as the sky brightens in palest pink and mauve. Disregarding the old adage “red sky in the morning….” I plan my day in the garden beneath the azure sky.

Frost has not yet visited, sweet peas still blossom, pinks mark the garden border, while the roses burst into Β flower again. A few late visitors seek refuge in their petals, drinking down the last offerings of nectar. Late bees and hoverflies, the occasional red admiral or small tortoiseshell butterfly. No more dragons in the garden; such a brief adventure, then they are gone.

Sunset is swift and bright, golden and grey, sleeping warriors bask in the last rays. From the depth of the gloaming moths flit among the ivy flowers. Robin pipes his twilight tune and bids goodnight. The quite wind shakes the bronzed leaves from the bough, hedgehog rustles the dry and yellow grass. And the silver moon illuminates the darkened sky, bright stars, the lighthouse beam, ships lights upon the water. Earth never sleeps, someone, somewhere is awake, observing this unquiet world, where minuscule or magnificent, malevolent or mighty acts occur…

Thank you for stopping by today, the sun is out, the dew is drying. Time to tackle a tangle of lilies again!