Wet, wet, wet!

“What’s that – Scotch mist?” was a frequent exasperated exclamation in the family home, as my mother raised her eyebrows skyward. True; you may not be able to see it but you can feel each minuscule drop seep into every crack and crevice. Taken unaware by the beauty of the fennel fronds illuminated in the fading light, I grabbed the camera to capture the evenings brief beauty.

Bit of a challenge taking hand-held photos in such low light levels but I hope you will agree – worth getting wet for!  😀

The garden, shrouded in mist, each flower garlanded with tiny raindrops, faerie lights in miniature. No grand sunset or panoramic views – just the world made small – causing one to stop and marvel at the beauty. But maybe I’m a simple soul with simple pleasures. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by today; what brings you pleasure to treasure on a wet day?