not your usual local!

We have an unwelcome resident in the garden. True, there are many different types of slugs but these monsters eat anything and everything, including carrion! Too big for ground beetles, too slimy for hedgehogs and chickens, once in the greenhouse they decimate the seedlings. (I have 6 wild celery plants left from the original 40. My Autumn crocus have been eaten before they had time to flower, in spite of being surrounded by grit 😦

So what to do? Β If you use slug pellets you will lose biodiversity in the garden and may harm the hedgehops and birds in the process. A Norwegian article suggests the only way to rid yourself of the slimyΒ Spanish slugs; is to gather them up and put them in the bin. (Makes me worry about land fill sites though!)

Gardeners (in the UK) are also encouragedΒ report sightings; with the mild winters the population is exploding. While I thought I had seen them last year, now I know I have. So nothing else for it, out with the head-torch, bucket and gloves and gather them up! Happy hunting πŸ˜€

Anyone got any tips on how to deal with this alien species?