Follow the path...

Had a chance to revisit the ‘Magic Garden’  again last month. Following the roads beneath stately trees, bird song echoing through the leafy branches. Buzzards rising on the thermals and calling to one another as they circled under wide blue skies.

Silver/ white pine?

Surprised by the osprey, lifting off and drifting over the grain fields; seems as if every corner of the estate has something new to surprise and transfix…

Stepping into the garden, the visitor is confronted by several paths – which to follow? Whichever you choose, each is beautifully planted, each breath brings new fragrance on the warm air. Scents of roses, lilies, aromatic herbs… Melodies alight upon the ears from the green hedges, as the wild birds fill the garden with sweet cadences of song. If old walls could speak, what stories would they tell? How many feet have trod these paths, what connects them to this delightful place?

Always new things to discover… Pushing open the gate, the air is heavily perfumed in the dwindling evening warmth. Drawn to its source; a stately lily towers above our heads, bearing long white trumpets perfuming the immediate surroundings. A Giant Himalayan Lily (Cardiocrinum giganteum) stands almost hidden behind the shrubs that shelter the doorway. Walking slowly along the gravel path, brushing the herbs as we do so, stopping to inhale the heady fragrance of the white roses, a small red flower catches our attention. Winding its way through the clipped Yew hedges the Flame Creeper (Trapaeolum speciosum)  lights up the the somber green. (I covet both these plants!)

Red Astilbe path

Each path draws the visitor along, the sound of the wind rustling the nodding flowers, the fragrance changing with each breath, colours changing in each new vista. On our first visit we allowed the garden to overwhelm us, this time we walked more measuredly, taking time to absorb the differing senses, creating memories.

And remembering to take photos – yes, there are enough for another post 😀

Thanks for stopping by today!