‘Come climb the hill with me
Come and be still with me
Come watch the sun sink away
If you will with me…’

Sunset over the Firth

We have “gotten” out of the habit of just sitting watching the sun go down, unlike the first summer when we sat (hot choc in hand) watching the sunset and the bats…

You can almost see Ireland!

Watching as the lighthouses blinked across the sea, and realising that each has to be different so sailors can tell where they are. Measuring the year by how far the sun travelled North or South of Ailsa Craig…

After glow

Enjoying the afterglow, the cry of the oyster catcher, the screech of the swallows overhead. Did we allow ourselves to become too busy or was it the familiarity of it all? The impending Olympic Games reminded me how we had spent the summer ‘camping’ in our caravan (in the rain) and so enjoyed the use of a friends house, where we could watch the games and enjoy civilisation once more!

Thanks for pausing with me today

‘Come watch the garden grow
Down by the gravel road
Come warm your hands in the gold
Of the afterglow…’