Open the door

Open the door, step inside, the Magic Garden waits…

Perfect vista

In the Magic Garden the Magic gardener walks, tending leaf and flower; bending as he walks to nurse the ailing flower, the root, the shoot, the stalk. 

Undaunted by the task in hand, he plants, he weeds and gathers seed; he hoes and sows, plants out in rows, vegetables and fruit. 

A quiet murmuration of waving, nodding grass, a fluttering of gentle wings as butterflies flit past. The quiet hum of bumble bees gathering the pollen, while all around the wild birds sing in solemn adulation.

Magic garden

Each visitor is silenced by the beauty of this place, each sense brought to life as we listen, smell, see and taste; a sensory delight. And the Magic Gardener smiles a self-effacing smile and thanks the Magic Garden that rewards him all the while…


I feel so privileged to have been invited into this beautiful garden on a private estate. Step through the door and a gasp of surprise as the fragrance of roses and herbs meets the nose. The visual delight of herbs and flowers, fruit trees, vegetable gardens. Follow the path to each new vista and surprise. I was so enamoured that I hardly took a photo, just plunged into fragrant flowers, watched the bees and butterflies, listened to the birds sing. The sound of running water. And the Magic Gardener, just smiles a quite smile; he already knows how captivating the garden is…

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