Wild flower meadow

There’s nothing like an unexpected shock to send one scuttling to the garden to immerse oneself in a little therapy!

This is my go to herb in times of stress! When my shoulders are up to my ears, Californian Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) comes to my rescue! It looks stunning and happy amid the corn poppies. My flower meadow is a bit haphazard, self-sown from last season, a joyful mix of herbs, jostling for the sun, Ā a pleasing palette of colour and fragrance…

In case you haven’t heard the UK had a referendum – should we stay or should we go? LEAVE or REMAIN in Europe? On the eve of referendum day, a Remain vote was expected but by 4:00 a.m. it became clear the ‘Brexiters” had won the vote. Since then the political fallout continues. Prime minister stepped down, the shadow cabinet torn asunder and resignations all around. And nearly everyone I talk too exclaims “How?” We can only wait and see and wonder how hard the rest of Europe will kick us…

In 2013 and the first beds were planted up with the few herbs brought from the city; utilizing the bonfire site. Three years on; I’m still digging out nails and melted glass! When we visited the Rialto market in Venice I was amazed to see punnets of wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca) for sale. Now, if we need a little summer snack, we wander out into the garden to gather small handful of fresh, sweet morsels. Considered a weed by some gardeners, they are very productive ground-cover and the birds don’t seem to eat them. Even Flossy, who sees everything, ignores them…
Wild strawberries

Can you have too many?

In times of stress I clean, after cleaning, I weed and strim! Last year this circle grew beautiful Cosmos in the late Indian summer only to be destroyed when winter howled in November. After the long wet winter and cold spring; the herbs are only just beginning to make up. The Calendula has continued to flower and ready for harvesting. Potatoes in flower but a second sowing of peas and beans are only just coming up. I wonder why I keep trying to grow veg without a full size greenhouse!

Apothecary's roses

The workroom smells delightful as the first roses are gathered for drying, hopefully there will be enough for an oil and a syrup as longs as the rain doesn’t spoil them….

The air is filled with the drone of bees and birdsong, the two chickens sunbathe in the warm sun, occasionally shifting to sit in my shadow as I work, lazily opening an eye to see if there are any tasty treats to be had. Alas its been so dry even the moles have moved on! Worms deep in the ground. A young blackbird calls from the garden, the swallow babies have fledged, joining the robins, bluetits, wrens, dunnocks and house sparrows. And the baby rook, hopping all over the garden, calling its parents to feed him. Nothing I do can stop them stealing all the bird’s feed, as I put the food out I know I’ve been observed and even before I return to the house they have a strategy.

Ah well this is nature! Thanks for stopping by today.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard”

H L Menken “Book of Burlesques