Busy, busy!

A week is a very long time in the garden! We spent a few days away, leaving the garden in the capable hands of the “under-gardener”. When we left the May (Crataegus monogyna) was barely in bud; returning a week later, it was too late to gather more than a small handful 😦

There was rain and now several days of sunshine, the garden has gone mad! Iris in flower that had no buds, Aqueligia of every hue and shape. Strawberries ripening, gooseberries shriveling through lack of rain – peas and beans eaten by the mice and voles. Seedlings razed by the snails. SO just been catching up and trying to get rid of a migraine that stubbornly refuses to go.

The threatening storm has broken, a sudden shower, normal service resumed tomorrow (I hope :D)

Thanks for stopping by today; will be catching up reading your posts. We did get internet for the price of coffee and cake (such hardship) but only read the short reads…