Gunmetal skies and silver sunshine

Sometimes a silver sunset falls illuminating the sea, casting a white light across the land. For two weeks the garden basked in warm sunshine, worms burrowing deep into the ground, frustrating the chickens, forcing the gardener to take out the hosepipe and water the seed beds…

Babbling brook refilled

Once more water splashes over the ancient rocks reviving the moss and pennywort. Before the rains returned, a quiet trickle made its way between the stones…

Reflecting life

Everywhere springs up green, reflections of sky, leaf and fern…

Leafy canopy

Every bough dressed in new leaf of vibrant green, papery brown leaf casings cast in drifts fill nooks and crannies…

Mossy bank in early morning sun

Carpets of moss return to verdurous greens…

Morning view

Yesterdays grey skies and sea transformed to divers blues…

A week is a long time in the garden

Cherry blossoms fall, sinking into pink petalled mounds, seedlings appear in the dark loamy soil, swallows swoop and dive, goldfinch sings from her high perch in the beech hedge. The sun shines – better get my work clothes on!

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When The Sun Returns

it is hallelujah time…
Are we this simple, then,
to sing all dayโ€‰โ€”โ€‰country songs,
old hymns, camp tunes?
We even believe
the swallows, keeping time.
Sarah Browning