How contrary the days;

when sunshine warms the ground,

an invitation to laze and listen to the sweet bird song.

And then the snow and rain;

biting wind, stinging hail,

call winter back again…


Driving into town and suddenly the Chestnut trees have burst into leaf, cherry blossoms line the road, Hawthorn hedges adorned in new spring green. Just when it seems that the ground is warm enough to sow outside, winter returns with snow and hail. The swallows huddle in the shed but as soon as the sun returns they are back to repairing last years nest. Goldfinches adorn the cherry tree as the first blossoms burst open. Greenfinches have returned to feed chasing off the chaffinches while robin faces down the poor dunnocks.ย A pair of blackbirds are busy nest building and searching for food in the garden but I’m quite sure I heard the plaintive cry of their young from the hedge.

All around the small-holding there are new flowers appearing, ferns unraveling, leaves unfolding, shedding their winter capsules. The tiny greenhouse is filled with seedlings needing planted out, seeds sown on Saturday have sprouted already. Time to dodge the rain showers, working from the shelter off the shed or hoeing of the weeds and getting ready to plant out. At dusk the deer pass by, I think the stock-fence deters them though it appears a few plants have been nibbled.