The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.
–  Gertrude S. Wister

Snowdrops have flowered through the wet and windy days, now tattered and mud-spattered, still they evoke such joy in wintered hearts. Hidden in cooler frost pockets, some are only just beginning to bud, extending the joy for a few days more. All over the garden bulbs are pushing through the cold ground, Leucojum, crocus, bluebell, daffodil, grape hyacinth and Allium – assuring the gardener of a colourful Spring..

Lenten Rose The Lenten Rose (Helebore niger) break into flower, as the first primrose flowers in palest yellow, blooms in the sheltered hedgerows.

Glowing sunset

Late evening; the setting sun washes the bare branches in rich hue as tiny buds begin to green upon the bough…

Sunset song

Sunset; as already the sun has journeyed North, a welcome glow in the Western sky…

Moon rise behind the trees

And the silver moon looms large behind the trees, garden filled with light and touched with frost. Finally the moon sets in the early morning above the sea, which just a few hours previously hosted the sun…

Sing off - Robin & Chaffinch

The moon declines in brightening sky, robin and chaffinch sharing the same tree sing across the garden, welcoming the new day.

Afternoon sunshine

We all cherish the strengthening sun, its warmth and light, blue skies, blue sea, suddenly everything comes to life again after winters sleep…

Gardening girls at dusk

“A gardener must not feel sorry for himself, even in winter, no matter how great the cause”

Henry Mitchell

The Essential Earthman (1981)

We got enthusiastic in the garden, planting up, potting on, hoeing off the weeds and now my back protest-eth much! This too will pass!

Thanks for stopping by today – remember to limber up before plunging into the garden! 🙂